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    October 30, 2008


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    I notice that the CUSD Recall still owes CUSD Trustee president Ellen $2500 for CPA duties...isn't this what would be called cronyism by the CUSD Recall slate?

    awful lot of L.A. Residents sending CUSD Recall $1000 chunks of change...why?

    why did COX give Maddox $200?

    I noticed that Tom Russell loaned the Recall Committee $10,000 in 2006! One has to wonder about that........

    Why does Maddox have so many other politicians sending him money from their PACS? Even Mark Wyland for Senate in Encinitas sent him $1000?

    Why doesn’t Sue Palazzo have any private funding besides a loan to herself to pay for the $3825 ballot statement and why didn’t the CUSD Recall pay that back to her with the over $60,000 they have received between the two special interest groups?

    Why does the "Children First" PAC persist in purchasing movie tickets with campaign money? The $1071 item will purchase a lot of tickets!

    Aside from the question of whether it is appropriate, movie tickets are negotiable and since the recipient of the tickets is not identified in the reports, this would appear to be a violation of campaign expenditure reporting laws.

    Jonathan, since you've endorsed all these wicked cronies, why don't you ring them up and find out who received the tickets? Find out if they have any leftover to buy votes.

    Hey Sapper - movie tickets is the best you can do with all that interesting data? Please, do tell how the recall slate can afford mailers, robocalls and numerous MSNBC and other high profile TV ads on what was reported there. Now that is questionable funding. And "wicked"? Good grief you are sounding like a whiny old lady!

    I guess the reform group knows how to manage money well, another reason to vote reform. It is no suprise the liberal union slate has give aways aka movie tickets!

    Go back and read the forms. CUSD Children First did not report an expenditure for movie tickets. If the recall folks can't even read forms properly, how can they manage the complicated financial matters for a multi-million dollar school district budget? Or are the "reformers" just making things up to try to smear the opposition as usual.

    I did not say Childrens first.

    I said liberal union slate.

    I can read and am very aware the union had to beg the teachers to come in , buy snacks and give away movie tickets to make phone calls. I think it is a poor use of money and clearly the reform group has done a much better job to managed there money and a better job spending it.

    I do agree that the budget is complicated and that is why I do not want high school graduates to be in charge of a half a billion dollars.

    The clear choice is reform !

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