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    October 31, 2008


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    I have to say the only thing that has not impressed me is you and your paper!

    The reform group has added what has been missing for years, a mix of votes and lots of debate!

    These union puppets are a slate not independent.

    The NWPC the most liberal group I have ever seen supports Kooiman. I want to know what is her liberal aganda?

    Is she planning on forcing are children to learn about gay marriage?

    will she be sending are children to witness a gay wedding?

    Will health clinics be brought to our high schools? will they pass out condoms to are students?

    The public should know all of this before they vote

    Posted by: REFORM a better choice | October 31, 2008 at 03:58 PM

    Are you kidding? If you can't argue on facts you go to fear? Since our kids can't get a bus to school, I'm thinking field trips to gay weddings will be off the agenda as well.

    You really are too much.

    Vote for Kutnick, Kooiman and Stiff - I did.

    My oh my...Obviously REFORM a better choice must not have too much control in his children's viewpoints at home.

    I believe all the hoopla of prop 8 has gotten the kiddos talking more about gay marriage than any teacher ever could!

    Condoms at High school along with abstinence teaching...might not be a bad idea to keep pregnancy and STD's from occurring.

    All I saw on this website was equal rights for women and the push to get women there- that is your liberal agenda- please are you a caveman or what?

    By the way...Let's play fair- anyone know Palazzo's stance on gay marriage?

    REFORM a better choice--

    Have you stopped beating your wife?

    See how this works? Ask questions that have no foundation in fact and you plant ideas in the minds of the readers without telling outright lies. Is that what the Reform committee stands for? Condemnation through innuendo.

    What a desperate tactic to employ in a serious campaign that will directly affect the education of our children.


    You've been getting your talking points from Rush again. You forgot to mention socialists and redistributing wealth.

    I can't believe you're against health clinics, but I think you've shown with this post where you stand, and that should be worth dozens of votes for K, K, and S.

    You've shown again that your group doesn't care about the kids (10% of which are probably gay) or their health, only your very narrow political agenda.

    Soooo much emotion. Yes my children listen and learn very well. I do not want a trustee to be making choices for me on how and when we might talk about gay marriage, those parental rights I would like to keep and hold dear. When you have a radical like Kooiman who is supported by a fringe group like the NWPC, see the website, scarey I think all parents should be concerned. Kooiman and her liberal supporters will be taking parent rights away before we blink an eye.

    Many I have talked to agree, thats why we are voting refrom!

    Kooiman is a radical? Give me a break and please cut the theatrics. You guys must be getting desparate!

    Reform- you must not get out too much. At CRA, coffee chats, Dispatch questions, website, League of Women Voters, PALS, and NWPC: Andrea Kooiman has been the only candidate frequently advocating Parental Rights . Here is an excerpt from this week's PALS question: "I firmly believe that each parent is in charge of their child’s educational experience and will fight hard and advocate for your parental rights." http://www.parentsadvocateleague.org/capistrano_unified_chapter

    The least impressive thing in this whole mess has been the behavior of that Jennifer Beall. She acts like the world owes her something and has no doubt she's right about EVERYTHING.

    I saw her at a meeting. She just looks unhappy and angry all the time.

    Kooiman is a conservative Republican, unlike Sue Palazzo who flip-flopped her voter registration from Democratic to Republican just before the election, or Ken Maddox who pays for robocalls trumpeting his endorsement by Democratic leaders (although he doesn't exactly name any, so we don't know if any Democratic leaders actualy endorsed him or not). At least we can trust Kooiman to tell the truth, and to actually talk to voters instead of avoiding them.

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