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    March 16, 2010


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    I believe we, the parents, should e-mail the Board of Trustees and ask that they negotiate and compromise with the teachers. The district and Board of Trustees asked for this independent fact finding report. The recommendations of this report are based on the facts from both sides and should be respected, considered, and accepted.

    Please, all parents, e-mail the members of the CUSD Board of Trustees and ask them to compromise and negotiate with our children's teachers.

    Ken Maddox kmaddox@capousd.org

    Larry Christensen ljchristensen@capousd.org

    Mike Winsten mwinsten@capousd.org

    Ellen Addonizio eaddonizio@capousd.org

    Jack Brick jbrick@capousd.org

    Sue Palazzos palazzo@capousd.org

    Anna Bryson abryson@capousd.org

    Interim Superintendent Mahler superintedent@capousd.org

    You rock yet again :). Great idea!

    Thank you Shelly I just did send my email and ask them NOT to increase my childs class size but to cut the teachers pay. After reading the report one thing is clear the teachers care only about cash, mine in their pockets. Screw the kids and stay out my bank account is the union song.........no thank you. I am a parent first and my child comes before greedy union politics. So shelly feel free to throw your child under the bus with the teachers who lost a job but I am going to support the students and EVERY teacher!

    I think you'd better go back and read the fact finding report again. The report clearly supports the intial and current CUEA position, provides the district with more than it requested in cuts, and eliminates the threat of non-competitive salaries to attract future teaching talent. These are the issues that will impact your children. NOT your blind support of a radical minority who unjustifiably insist on keeping teachers in their crosshairs.
    The only positive aspect I can glean from your post is to be thankful you are too old to be part of the public school system. Because it's the very lack of reading comprehension skills, like you have demonstrated here today, that cause our school's test scores to be in jeopardy.
    Please stop your pathetic attempts at spin and just accept the report for what it is - factual!

    Dana- that is so disheartening to hear that you really think teachers only care about money. Of course we care about and support our students. From what I understand, the BOT is the one who has several other options for NOT increasing class size. Monies they have in their possession and monies they continually waste. We ALL agree that class size is better smaller. The BOT was already planning on raising class size, so why blame the teachers for this? The BOT asked for a neutral party to intervene. She has. Now the BOT needs to man up and accept what they asked for. Seriously!

    Keep in mind that the idea of increasing class sizes originally came from the district, not the teachers. The district has proposed increasing class sizes by at least one student in grades 4-12 since the beginning of the year. The district has also proposed increasing class sizes by 7 students in first grade since the beginning of the year. The district also approved layoff notices for over 300 teachers at its last meeting. So to say this idea came from the union is overlooking the last 6 months or so of district proposals.

    If this report is adopted-

    how many schools will be closed?
    which ones will they be?
    how many teachers will be let go?
    will there be any limit on class size?
    what will 2010-2011 look like?

    I am a working parent who feels strongly against what the district wants to do, cut the teachers pay and put a cap on insurance. Who in the heck is going to want to teach in this district????

    Come on people really let's look at this logically, as the saying goes "you get what you pay for"! I want to be in a district where the teachers are paid top dollar. That just means we get the cream of the crop, everyone will want to work in our district. Most importantly the great teachers we have will want to stay!

    If your child were sick and needed special medical care would you shop around for the cheapest specialist you could find or would you want the person who is going to look at your child as an individual and treat them with the care they need and deserve?

    I remember being in a classroom with a teacher who thought teaching was their job and that's it. I don't want that for my kids! I want them to continue to love school!

    Sonja Beck (Parent)
    Carl Hankey

    I emailed the board members last night...hopefully they didn't hit delete right away!

    Dana I think you are the one throwing your child under the bus!

    If your child were sick, would you be satisfied to take them to the corner clinic, the only one available at no cost and the one that everyone says is the best because YOU have no other choice? Or would you push for other (maybe better or more appropriate) alternatives?

    Hay Dana,

    After you cut every teacher's pay, who will teach your child's classes? Everyone who wants to cut pay always forgets to answer that question. The public expects teachers to be educated, erudite, well-qualified, giving of their personal time, and at all times totally selfless. Unfortunately, the public all too often expects wonderful people like that to work for peanuts. That isn't the way the world works.

    A neutral fact finder (a school board member from another district, not less!) recommended her settlement. The board wanted her report, clearly believing that she would rubberstamp their draconian cuts. That didn't happen. the report calls for some give and take on both sides, but largely vindicates the teachers. The board should accept the report in full and move on from their.

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