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    April 19, 2010


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    Way to take the high road CUEA! Dr Mahler looked me right in the eye and said the Board would be willing to do this. Now they better live up to their word!
    Makes me even prouder to have this group of individuals as our teachers!

    If the board were to accept this offer, why the need to "return to the bargaining table"?
    I encourage you all to read the full document, not just what Jonathan posted.
    There is no crystal ball that says the funding levels will return to "normal" on June 30, 2011 and CUEA wishes to happen.
    The other concern I have with this proposal is that contrary to what Jonathan states above, there is no mention of not increasing class sizes. So, although the district's proposal is to not increase class sizes, the wording of CUEA's proposal could increase class sizes if more students show up when what the district would presumably do is hire more teachers to maintain current class sizes. It appears CUEA would want teachers pay to increase along with class sizes in this scenario.
    I am all for restorative language, provided a certain ratios are maintained and it is based upon actual funding levels, not some arbitrary date in the future. I also don't think 100% of any additional funds should be allocated to CUEA employees in the event additional funding is returned.
    I am glad to see CUEA submit a proposal and I hope it leads to additional dialog, but the tone of the letter really doesn't sound like bargaining it sounds like "our way or nothing".

    I think it is time to let the bargaining parties work this out. Thank you CUEA for representing your teachers openly and honestly. I sincerely hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    to taxpayer and reformers "hah"...

    The truth is now laid bare for all to see. CUEA accepts the amount and types of pay and benefits cuts as long as they are temporary and they demand that class sizes not be raised and teachers not be laid off.

    You have no more arguments. You have been caught with your pants down and that picture is not pretty.

    If CUSD refuses this offer everyone will see this crisis for what it has been all along: invented and forced upon CUSD by these dysfunctional trustees and their incompetent superintendent.


    what drugs are you on? The statement clearly states that class sizes should not be raised. Stop the spin and get to the table and avert a strike.

    Then join us in removing these trustees from office.

    Admin, I didn't "state" anything -- I posted the actual news release from CUEA. The documents posted are what has been sent to the district office.

    As for the no increase in class size, that would be true, though, because the teachers are saying the accept the terms of the imposed contract, just make it temporary in case the state delivers more money than expected.

    Two points here: A. Class sizes are creeping up, but that was because of cuts made before the contract was imposed. The imposed contract does not increase any class sizes (trustees say the fact-finder's recommendation would increase class sizes.) B. There's nothing binding about the word temporary -- if the money comes, it goes back to teachers, but if no money comes, teachers aren't owed it.

    We'll continue parsing through stuff to see where it goes.

    Thanks, Jonathan

    What would happen if in 14 months (June 2011), there is no more money that there is today ?

    This is not a serious offer, sorry

    The word temporary does not guarantee anything for the teachers except in the case of new revenues received by the district. Then it guarantees new negotiations for those funds.

    Personally, this seems like a HUGE step forward. Now the trustees have the opprtunity to either say yes by the deadline, or if they have concerns, return to the table to work out the language. Since many other districts in OC have settled contracts with restoration language, it isn't rocket science to figure out how to phrase this.

    Please, trustees, think about our kids!

    Those pesky quotes got me again.

    I was just pointing out that the linked letter did not have a single mention of class sizes. The press release adds a lot more detail than the statement CUEA is asking CUSD to accept.


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