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    April 17, 2010


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    God bless the 248 "NO" votes. Cross that picket line! MANY in the public will support you...

    The latest on jobs in California.


    God is on the teachers side, remember his son Jesus was a teacher!

    I am so PROUD of you teachers for standing up to these politically motivated bullies! I will continue praying for FAIR resolution for the teachers, and that the TRUTH of the BOT's motivations be revealed.

    You have set a courageous example of doing the right thing, teachers. There will always be naysayers, and people who hear "union", and are not discerning enough to look at this individual set of facts for themselves (sheep); but ignore them. Continue to follow your own moral compass! Stay strong!

    I would not be surprised if the union filed a complaint against the district for failing to bargain in good faith and won. The fact that the district's negotiating team was only willing to meet with teachers face to face one time since the bargaining process begain last spring is good evidence that the Board never intended to negotiate the contract. Shame on the Board for putting our childrens' futures at risk to satisfy their own twisted agendas!

    Cross the line...
    I completely agree with you. The UNION needs to stop threatening and get on with a strike so the union can be broken.
    It is high time that the union is shut down.
    There are so many eligible laid-off teachers that will gladly take the spots of those who strike.

    Teachers-you SHOULD cross the picket line and many parents will support you 100% to do what is right; continue to teach our children.
    But, the union will intimidate you and seek revenge if you do not do what they say.

    The real PARENTS of CUSD are behind the teachers. Period.

    Here is a questions for the trustees - if the schools are so prepared for the strike, then why is everything shrouded in secrecy? If you have enough substitutes, why not just release the information about how many subs and security guards will be assigned to each school site? Why not direct each principal to release the details of his/her strike plan to parents? Aren't we entitled to at least know what the plan is?

    Now that a vote has been taken, it is important that ALL teachers support the strike. Partial acceptance will be unsuccessful. Why some teachers think it is "ok" for them to go to work in the event of a strike is beyond me? No excuses of house payments and the need for a paycheck. We all have those needs. One teacher at my site says he will "cross" because he needs to work because he has three kids to support. He's our union rep! This needs to be an all for all or all for nothing. Don't put the families and teachers of CUSD through this if you aren't going to do it big. I hear 40 % of teachers plan to come to work but it is "ok" because they have to. What? Understand what we have just voted for here and do what your majority has voted for or we fail as a unit. Put your money where your mouth is. Don't make half of us do the fight for you. Stand up on your own.

    One of my favorite quotes:
    “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

    The board needs to do the right thing and resign so WE who care about children and public education can begin to heal and move forward.

    I am sorry that it has come to this but I along with my family support the teachers 110%.

    Oh, and for those that think I am a teacher I am not- I am a small business owner.

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