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    June 28, 2010


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    I am in favor of at least requiring some regulation of who is posting so that if you choose to post under your real name you are protected from someone who posts as you to muddy the waters. As you know Jonathan, I am no longer able to post using my name due to someone using an anonymous email who posts as me.

    I also respect those who choose to post anonymously on this blog because of professional concerns. Teachers are reluctant to share their political views because they do not want to offend the parents of their students. They really prefer, in most cases, to remain neutral in the eyes of their students. However the issues facing CUSD are so serious and have such far reaching implications that having a forum such as your blog has been an effective way for them to express their opinions.

    I notice that the OCR has begun to police their blogs more. This has really cut back on the inappropriate postings there. Certain bloggers have even been permanently blocked. I would recommend that for you as well...although the posters here have never reached the vitriol of those on the OCR.

    I agree with Pam. There are some people who would never state their opinion for fear of retribution from those whose opinion they disagree with. There are certainly enough lawyers involved in CAPO politics to suggest a lawsuit against someone as well. And if you are an employee, you may not want your employer to know who you are. I think that anonymous is fine as long as it is appropriate. I do NOT think anyone should pretend to be someone they are not. Is there a way to stop anyone who uses someone else's name? It is one thing to sign "John Doe" and another thing to say you are Pam Sunderman or anyone else if you really are not!

    Pam obviously can still post under her own name-unless that wasn't her.
    So is it the message or the messenger that matters? Is something that is obviously whacked right just because I post it (hey it happens). And even a board member or supporter has the occasional good idea.
    In a way I think that is the crux of the issues in CUSD.

    We need focus on ideas; not personalities.

    i will never share my wisdom if you remove anonymity. you may not like what i say but it is truth. i suppose people who won't/don't like what i have to say have gone this far without it, and you don't need it moving forward... but it's probably useful to people with an open mind. good luck either way.

    I agree with your proposal above:

    "One thing we are considering: Making folks register with real email addresses, etc., then allowing the postings to remain anonymous to the public."

    Anyone wishing to post would have to register with your website, and at that point could choose a unique user name and password of their choice. Then no one else should be able to post under their user name, whether it be an anonymous one like mine - msparent - or their real name. This is the way most internet forums and message boards work.

    It would also be nice to have one of those forums on this website, where users could start their own threads on different topics, and other users could reply.

    After years of lies and threats from the forces trying to destroy Public Education in this district we go above board and open ourselves up to the vermin we challenge.
    This doesn't pass the SMELL TEST...if you know what I mean.

    I rest my case...you are not the actual jolly girl and you are the reason Jonathon has to raise this issue.

    The problem as I see it on BTB isn't the anonymous posts themselves, but the responses attempting to identify the anonymous poster.

    I'm not interested in tying names to opinions. I would like to see you preserve an open forum where people feel free to post and debate regardless of their opinions.

    I think you can retain that with the proposal above to have a real registration masked by a single, user selected alias.

    There are many things I'd like to change right now, and BTB isn't one of them. Of course, we recognize both posters' and imposters' voices over time, but we need to hear all voices. I say, leave it alone.

    I love this blog and I really appreciate the work Jonathan does. That said, I especially love the unrestricted comments. For the life of me I cannot understand why there is this constant plea for everyone to "play nice" in the comments section. The comment section is an opportunity to hear what people really think. Yeah, sometimes it's not so nice, and sometimes it's personal, but at least it's real.

    Are the adults of this district so childish that harsh comments are too painful to handle? I hope not.

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