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    September 07, 2010


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    Thank you for posting this. Very powerful stuff. Glad to read that I am not alone in my thoughts/fears. I read many of the blogs. This one, the facebook pages, etc. I grew up in San Juan. I've lived here in the OC all of my life. I have NEVER seen anything like this. People are angry, frustrated and scared. Religion (why I have no idea), kids, politicians, lawyers and a bad economy. It's a powder keg.

    Wow - a real voice of reason - it would be refreshing if the topic weren't so serious. Thank you Patrick.

    Americans have a long history of hatred. In the 1800s, it was European immigrants, social reform advocates, and Native Americans. In the 1900s it was African Americans, Socialists and Nazis. In the current century, it's framing up to be Muslims, illegal immigrants and union workers. Since hate is fueled by fear, greed, and ignorance, the hope for the future always lies in education and self-sacrifice.

    Patrick - thank you for showing the courage to stand up and speak for what America really is. We need t unite, not fragment ourselves into factions because we are afraid.

    Good leaders work to unite the factions in a disagreement...not incite them. Another reason (and perhaps the most compelling) to replace the trustees is that they have no skills as leaders. And apparently they have no desire to learn them by attending school board trainings.

    We need leaders that will bring us together to get back to the business of educating the students of CUSD.

    The United States is hurting as it reels from war to war, one environmental disaster to another, and a financial crisis that knows no end. For those who do not have the tools to heal their own hurt or, perhaps, the education to recognize the true source of the hurt, lashing out at others is much easier. People are afraid. That is not an excuse. There is no excuse, ever, for bigoted, hateful and uninformed prejudice. Ever.

    And the beginning of healing can start in as small a venue as your local school board. Electing trustees who exhibit zero tolerance for any hate...even against those whose opinions may, rightly or wrongly, differ from their own.

    "What constituents?", "Peanut gallery". "Union thugs", "You are not here to question THE BOARD", "Retards", "Tone deaf" ...just a small sampling of real quotes from the our trustees. Talk about backward thinking.

    Begin at home, and the world is your oyster.

    May SJC and the rest of CUSD see much brighter days ahead.

    Thank you, Patrick.

    Wow, Patrick is my hero! And he expressed himself with such heartfelt eloquence--not just anger reflected at others, but a genuine sadness in what has been transpiring lately. Can we send Patrick to Florida to stand up to the hateful Dove World Outreach church? Can he possibly make them understand how to be a true patriot while being more Christ-like?

    Exhibit 1A. Capo Kids First.

    I know that they read this. Let me clarify my post. I do not believe that their motivation is racial. I am referring to this paragraph.

    "All this contentiousness began, it seems, when the CUSD recall came into being several years ago. Extreme elements, angry at a Board they saw as mishandling the district and themselves, and filled with right-wing, elitist political fervor, they had them recalled, despite the fact that those who would replace them were inexperienced and supported by the most conservative of political thinking. They seemed not as interested in the children, as damning “unions.”

    Says it all really.


    The right wing propaganda machine is well tuned and oiled by special interests groups (both business and religious.) Now, we see the results of their actions. Those who still believe in the right wing agenda are not only misguided but also brainwashed. How do we get out of this mess?

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