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    November 18, 2010


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    Is there a way to see this if you don't have Cox?

    It's online, too. Search for "Cox Forum" ...


    Children First

    What's your point? And who trusts Fox News?

    I've seen this post before... are there two rivers nearby? I think San Juan and Poche are both creeks. This doesn't have anything to do with CUSD.

    Fox News is not news. It is a propaganda mouthpiece of GOP. If you want to continue to be brainwashed go ahead and watch and listen to them. Watching them will only make you a bigot and a hateful person. Think about what do the stand for: economics for the rich, values of the far right religious right. I could careless how the rich are doing. My concern is for my family. The GOP platform does nothing for me.
    Also, in order to divert your attention from your own economics the GOP want you to focus on abortion and gays. This exactly what the Register is doing. This one big mafia.



    If you read more about this pipeline referenced in the Fox news link from other news sources, you learn that the pipeline in the story (not in CUSD) was placed on a list designating it as one of the 100 most dangerous pipelines requiring close monitoring and possibly repairs which is why the school was closed. It was also located within 100 feet of the school.

    This is not relevant to CUSD.

    Jim Reardon cannot seem to admit when he is wrong.

    I think Jim Reardon is looking for another $50k shakedown.

    Jim Reardon and Tony/Jennifer are the reasons Maddox and Winsten were recalled. If they hadn't diverted money out of the classrooms to their personal bank accounts perhaps fewer people would have supported their removal. I guess in a sick way Reardon, Russell and the Bealls can take credit for the success of the recalls and Measure H.

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