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    March 23, 2011


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    Hurray for Monday meetings, so I can attend city council! I do not want SueEllen representing our district in any auxiliary committees or boards until they show they represent CUSD constituents on the CUSD board. And enough with the lawyering-up at the slightest problem between grown-ups! Sounds like a meeting of representatives who get what I want. Thank you for that!

    The new board members are awful and act like children, shameful bunch, but they were supported by the same self centered group that supported the Fleming board

    I don't think any of them will survive the next election .

    Sue and Ellen do not deserve any sort of power. They have betrayed the confidence of the parents, staff, and students of CUSD.

    Ditto on the Monday meetings! That's when they used to be held and they were changed (I believe) to accommodate a professional CUSD employee's schedule. Which was absolutely fine and, I am sure, truly necessary. But if that employee no longer requires that adjustment, then Mondays are a much better day of the week for the board meetings. Particularly for those crazy citizens who are actually paying attention to both their school district and their city politics. Which at this moment in time, are both absurdly fractious, considering the much more serious events occurring in the world at large.

    As for Sue Palazzo and Ellen Addonizio, their true colors are shining through. Much too brightly. I can't imagine that the citizens are up for yet another recall, but hopefully the voting public will be as informed in 2012 as they were in 2010 so that positive change can keep on happening!


    Well, if a recall of Ellen is inexpensive since there is already a 2012 election....

    Two birds with one stone seems to work well!

    Fleming board....total nonsense

    That statement about supporters of the new board being supporters of Fleming and that board is garbage and you know it. Propaganga doesn't fly anymore.

    I worked on that last campaign with a lot of people and none of us are what you falsely tried to claim.

    Try to be honest and not make it up as you go

    No one even remembers who Fleming was...there has been way too much going on in the last four years.

    You're going to have to come up with something else...and your pickings are getting slimmer and slimmer.

    It is "awful" to leave your duty of public discussion to others. And leaving the dais due to disagreement could truly be characterized as "acting like children." But let no one be confused: the Fleming board is extinct.

    This board has a tough job ahead. I hope Sue and Ellen will be able to approach their responsibilities to the voters as adults with children in the forefront of their minds and find a dignified way to compromise with other adults.

    I wasn't even there but it is clear that Alpay and Hatton would be a MUCH better fit for position on the ROP Board than Palazzo and Addonizio. A businessman and an educator that works on career and college planning would be excellent additions to the ROP board and they would bring great ideas and insight to the ROP program. What a concept. Sorry but I never was able to consider Sue an educator – maybe a sometime substitute but that’s about it. What else was accomplished at the meeting besides changing the date back to what it was before and modifying the ROP representatives? It looked on the agenda like the board would come to terms on what they could and should do and that they needed to work together for the benefit of the students even if they sometimes disagreed (instead of storming out and hiring an attorney). Did that get accomplished?

    I don't think a recall is necessary. It is good to have diverse views and opinions on a board because then the issues are really discussed and reviewed.

    When everyone agrees from the beginning then the best solutions is not always found.

    It is my wish that both sides of this district will stop trying to find the "bad" in each other and start looking for the common ground and working together on solutions to the big issues that our district will face with the budget.


    Great comments ( as always ). Bryson has turned out more reasonable and more of a team player then anyone could have hoped. Unfortunately, her former patrons - Bealls, etc - are trying to make her life miserable for it. Reardon, Alexander and other wackos refuse to remove their claws from Ellen and Sue and continue to try to find ways to use these two to get money taken from the district and into their pockets. In December when the new board was sworn in it appeared that everyone would commit to work together. Then the Beall crowd convinced Ellen and Sue to be obstructionists and then suggest CUSD hire Alexander at the school district's expense to represent them so they could sue CUSD! I think what the newly elected trustees, with Brick and Bryson's continued support, are doing is finally moving us to a district that focuses on policy and governing and not petty fights. If two trustees want to live in the past and be oblivious to the results of the past election they might need to be reminded from time to time that having two votes out of seven doesn't mean a whole lot.

    Great job last night trustees. Our kids need you

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