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    July 02, 2008


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    Kevin Murphy

    Does this end the recall process or does it go into Novemeber - thoughts???


    Not sure it will ever end. Maybe it's like relationships and this board is our "rebound" board. It's going to take a few rotations to get it right.

    Face Value

    Maybe this board is the real deal. Maybe they actually believe their non-partisan campaign platform, and Marlene, Sheila, Vicki, etc. were just blowing smoke.

    Jim Reardon

    The continuation of the "recall process" depends on whether an organized group or candidate emerges to challenge the recent changes to the Board. The group to watch is CUEA.

    From another perspective, there are geographic areas of CUSD that have yet to get organized, e.g., Aliso Viejo. Maybe we'll see something from that direction.

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