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    May 27, 2009


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    Kim McCarthy

    Head Tax for PRIVATE SCHOOLS is discrimination --these people should'nt have to pay more when they allready cant get a decent educ. for their kids in the public school so they are paying for private schools---Maybe Dave Adams should ask himself why on his watch did the overcrowding in SJC get to this point which has overpopulated our public schools thus detiorated the education! HOW ABOUT A HEAD TAX ON ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THIER KIDS who are bleeding us dry here! No, lets bleed the private school people more, thats never viewed as racist.

    Who are you going to market to in the travel guides more illegal aliens? Maybe the chamber could do a co-promotion with Mission Hospital /CHEC /Camino HealtCare, they seem to have no problem marketing to these people and inviting them to our town--COME TO OUR SANCTUARY and go to CHEC where we will point you to all the gov funded benefits you can get...then go eat dinner for free on us--why not all the rest do!

    Tax paying residents dont shop here or dine out here, why would anyone else want to?

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