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    June 19, 2009


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    leave open space open

    It is unlikely that the city attorney is going to admit he made a mistake but it sure looks like he did,

    Kim McCarthy

    Not only did the city atty make a mistake but so did the City Council and soon to be former City Manager Dave Adams...This is worse than that debacle Whispering Hills, the only difference is I certainly never expected this to happen under Mark Neilson.
    Disappointed, disgusted and wondering why Lunnen and Gates (Developers) are even on the open space committee but their involvement certainly explains the crossover of open space / redevelopment. This is exactly why I didn't vote for the bond, I knew they would find some loop hole or try and push some deal through that had nothing to do with open space or anything for the residents and the city. Just self serving greed and power, supported by an incompetent city staff along with councilmembers that are now in power and have agendas that have little to do with what we worked so hard to get them elected to do.

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