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    February 16, 2009


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    I did not go, but have one unanswered question about the event. I received an email directly from Ms. Jennison, the organizer, whom I do not know. I sent her an email asking where she got my email address and have received no reply. I would like to know what school lists she obviously used. I believe that it was inappropriate for her to use either school directory lists or PTA lists to promote this religious service.

    Hmm. Apparently Santa, Jim Fleming and God keep lists.

    I got the email directly from Ms. Jennison too and I don't know her. My email is not exactly secret as I am in PTA but I'm not in Ladera Ranch so she apparently has access to emails beyond her own schools.

    It seems that the Christians keep lists too.

    To answer the question...while I didn't go ( was nursing a cough), I have a few friends who did...and said it was beautiful. Uplifting and encouraging prayer for everyone from the president (Obama) down through the children. A VERY worthwhile event...

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