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    February 08, 2009


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    One inch closer to having Winsten's church decide on the curriculum.

    This flier is already linking CUSD to religion (forget the disclaimer.) Like the trojan horse they will be worked in and destroy within.

    I think that is GREAT! Clearly not everyone knows the power of prayer, or that God calls us all to be accountable and respectful.

    This is wildly inappropriate, not to mention offensive, for anything related to the public schools in the Capistrano Unified School District system.

    What's the big deal? If it works great! If it is not within your beliefs, don't go. If it doesn't work, where is any great loss? If Winsten's church and Winsten himself has organized this, I would actually have a little more consideration for him.

    However, if I am Jewish or a Hindu how would I feel? You do nothing but divide the society in the name of your God. Somehow that fact escapes you because you think that the evengelical Christianity is the only religion on Earth. Wake-up. If you want to pray go to your church but do not do it public schools. BTW- were there dinosaurs on Noah's arc? How old is the Earth-4000 years old? Ask your selves tough questions, open your eyes and your ears and do not disadvantge our kids by 13 century thinking.

    If you have an "issue" with a Christian prayer service, then don't go. Besides...it is not Winsten's church, but Christ's church. I find petitioning our God to be most appropriate in times of trouble. Afterall, what good has namecalling and blaming done?

    I am not missing the point. If you are Jewish or Hindu or any other faith I would hope you would also pay CUSD to use the facility and gather a large mass of people to pray for the education of our children. What is the difference of paying a school to use their fields or a high school to use their auditorium to preach sermons on Sundays...it is revenue? CUSD is not requiring you to attend, CUSD is not advertising it on their list serves, CUSD is not paying for it....CUSD is merely renting the space and possibly benefitting from the prayers...please! Are you one of those that wants us to remove God from our pledge, money and laws? What difference is it how I believe in dinosaurs? Why can't you assume that some people believe in both and it really shouldn't matter to you because we are the land of the free?


    This is "in your face" religion. If you want to pray go ahead and do in the privacy of your worship place. If you do it in the open do not link CUSD to that event. I am very suprised that you as a Christian do not see duplicity in any of this. This is like a trojan horse, same with Mothers in Touch-get in under a weil of innocence and then destroy from within. I am not opposed to any religion. I just do not want for public schools to become a battle ground of religions. Lets say a local temple would like to have its servics, and a local muslims, and then hindus, and then pentacostals, and then... I hope you see my point.

    Tax Payer,

    One more poit that everyone avoids like a plague. I hate to say that but the literal interpretation of the Bible does not serve our kids well. Science has proven that the earth is more than 4k years old, that dinosaurs were on this earth, that Noah's arc would not accomodate them, and that the evolutionry process continues. Even the Catholic Church acknowledges that. That does not speak to the begining of the universe. So please be true to yourself.

    Unbelievable! The whining that has come to be "acceptable" in this "progressive" nation of ours.

    Anyone who has a problem with this prayer service needs to do a little research on what our forefathers REALLY established as the framework for this nation. The ignorance that prevails and that has become "mainstream" is pitifully and woefully sad.

    "RealityCheck": Check in with "reality", and begin with a history lesson. (Start out by learning WHY public schools were established.)

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