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    February 16, 2009


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    "Facing a dire budget situation, an unresolved situation with a superintendent on unvoluntary paid leave and a sharply divided constituency, the Capistrano Unified School District has unveiled a new web site..."

    Dire budget situation? Yes, much of it caused by years of gross fiscal mismanagement by the recently removed Old Guard leaders.

    Unresolved situation with a superintendent on unvoluntary [sic] leave? Yes.

    Sharply divided constituency? No -- not even close. The results of the last three elections in CUSD prove this point. The constituents in CUSD have given the reform trustees landslide margins of victory and a clear mandate for reform. The reform trustees didn’t get every vote – but they did win by overwhelming margins. The only people opposing the reform trustees today are the very same Old Guard supporters that were crushed in the last three elections.

    You would be hard pressed to find more community support for a governing board in any agency across the nation!

    CUSD Reform Board:

    Clearly, you didn't attend the meetings in December and January. The CUSD community is very much divided.

    So the current fiscal situation is the result of the previous board? Then why is every other school district in the state making similar cuts? Why is SVUSD already cutting programs still in exstence at CUSD? Why is the state proposing a tax increase on EVERY tax if this isn't a statewide problem?

    So the website is more important than leadership?

    The new website looks like something that was developed with schoolloop. The website is more inline with other school websites in the district.

    However, the budget is a problem. According to an article in the Register Ms. Addinzio was "shocked" at Mr. Lebs presentation. I want to know what shocked her during his February presentation. We have been hearing this for sometime and I am concerned that she is just now Shocked. I have been shocked for sometime. I am shocked that the State still does not have a budget. I fear with no leadership we are on a sinking ship and we only have buckets with holes in them.

    "Dire budget situation? Yes, much of it caused by years of gross fiscal mismanagement by the recently removed Old Guard leaders."

    Not reading the papers much lately, I guess. Check out the OC Register's article on cuts contemplated by school districts across Orange County, not just by CUSD.

    "The only people opposing the reform trustees today are the very same Old Guard supporters that were crushed in the last three elections."

    Many of us did not support Fleming, Draper, or others like them. However, it doesn't look like we have improved our situation much with the new Board. We still have secrecy and the gross misuse of public funds, only it is compounded now by inexperience and a general reluctance to make decisions. Maybe things will get better - I certainly hope so - but a lot of us think we need our Board to be performing much better for our district to be successful. And as far as the margin goes, Jack Brick won by a few percent, and Ken Maddox running as an incumbent pulled about a 10 point lead over someone who didn't spend any money or make any public appearances. Not exactly a mandate....

    I expect CUSD Recall was at the board meetings but is having a hard time admitting that perhaps her leaders aren't quite what she had hoped. It is VERY apparent that the new board does not have the support of the majority of the parents, teachers and staff. Of course this is not who elected them. The new board was primarily elected by the senior citizens who the recall group targeted to get them to do absentee ballots. I have never seen such a skewed election then the results of the "special" election in June where a huge portion of the votes were absentee ballots. So the "real" parents of CUSD are beginning to see the light. And it is quite clear that CUSD did not create this financial crisis - CUSD Recall must have her head in the sand if she really thinks that is the case.

    CUSD Reform-

    Why is it if you don't support the "Recall Group" you are an "Old Guard Supporter". I did not support the Recall Group and it had nothing to do with the Old Guard.

    Those of us that go to the meetings and have been involved all know how they got elected. What's done is done. Now we need to make sure they know we are watching.

    None of them should be from a group (Recall or any other). The only group they should represent is the parents in the area they are elected to represent. I would LOVE to hear them represent themselves by location - not by RECALL.

    Yeah, a new website, an improved Volunteer Policy and a new contractor for the cell phone towers. Got fiddles?

    I am sure that there will be plenty of fiddles when we lose our music program.

    The survey doesn't seem to be easy to complete at all

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