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    May 01, 2009


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    It's truly a shame that this bigoted teacher wasn't removed from teaching our kids.

    Regardless of the "outstanding AP scores realized by some of Corbett's students", he's a disgrace to the fine reputation earned by so many public school teachers.

    If I am understanding the ruling correctly, the judge found that the district did not have any liability/responsibility. Does that mean that any claim for attorney fees would be against the teacher personally? It doesn't look like the district would have to pay if it was not liable.

    Do teachers get any legal benefits with their union dues--to handle cases/claims such as this?


    So, he is not as evil as he was painted to be. Lets see if now the right-wing evangelical Christians turn another cheek or go for a total personal vendetta and destruction. The latter is more likely.

    Yeap - watch out for us right-wing evangelical Bible-thumpin' Christians! The next thing ya know we'll be havin' rights and everything - kind of like that old Constitution or whatever it was says we should, eh "corbettneedstostay"?

    Read the complaint. Corbett's just a fun-lovin', equal time, intellectual genius, huh? And the way he ties Viagra into hating God into anti-abstinence and ultimately into Euro-history! Wow! How blessed we are to have this gem teaching our kids!

    I was most offended by the "Jesus glasses" quote. It seems that it is OK to mock Jesus and Christianity in ways that are unacceptable for other religions.

    In the end "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."

    Thank you "GrandmaJ"!

    Mocking Jesus/God/Christianity has become acceptable in our public schools. Just look at all the Corbett supporters STILL out there! The fact that a number of his students score 4's and 5's in their AP Test is THEIR justification that he's a GREAT teacher and must be doing his "job" well.

    If he - or ANY teacher - attacked Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, or any "fill-in-the-blank" spiritual/non-Christian leader, they'd be gone in a New York minute!

    He and his supporters - you know, the "open-minded, present-all-sides, intellectually challenging" - are full of bigotry and hatred of Christianity. The day Corbett leaves our CUSD and our kids will be a day to rejoice!

    Somehow there is his attitude that as soon you proclaim that you are a Christian you are above everyone else, nobody can question you, and you have devine right to tell everyone else how to think. In addition I have heard in my christian church that all other religions are just a cult, even other denominations are cults. Step out of your box and think-how do you differ from other cults? Perhaps you are just a cult like everyon else?
    Again, I have a number of fundamental question that I would like for someone from the evangelical crowd to answer to convince me that you are not hypocritical and you do not live one big lie.

    1. Is the earth 6,000 years old?
    2. If there is no evolution how come we have Black, White, Asian,Eskimo people. Why the influenza virus mutates and combines with other viruses?
    3. Were dinosaurs on the Noah's ark? How large should this ark be to accomodate two of each of dinosours?
    4. Are Muslims mistaken believing that Jesus is coming back to a church in Syria. What do they know that you do not?
    5.How come Jews do not believe in heaven and hell? For that matter the old testament(Torrah), never says a word about Jesus. How come?

    You will gain some respect and credibility if you can answer these questions. Otherwise, you are just like the others-a cult brainwashing people.

    For that reason you should stay from public schools. If we follow you we will become nothing but another Taliban.

    OK, I am waiting for your answers. No name calling or platitutes, or miningless declarations of your faith but straightforward answers. Thank you.

    I hope that my children have the privilege of having a teacher challenge their minds as Mr. Corbett does to his students. From my experience in the schools, I haven't seen or heard anyone, teacher or otherwise, mocking God/Jesus/Christianity as suggested above. Frankly, it's quite the contrary at my (public) school.

    I am not worried that a school teacher or lecture will shake the Christian faith of my kids. (It certainly did not affect the student who filed the lawsuit.) I am not worried about my kids learning about different perspectives. I am worried that other Christians seem to be so concerned that being "open minded, presenting all sides and being intellectually challenging" is mocking them and anyone who disagrees with their (Corbettstillmustgo) viewpoint is a bigot or Christian hater. (see above)

    In a college level class the material Corbett presented is to be encouraged and expected. If you want straight high school history where you regurgitate lots of dates and facts, don't sign up for a college level class.

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