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    May 20, 2009


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    These people are damn scary!

    So, they are our trustees who are using their positions to undermine this district.I hope that all who voted for them see what this is all about. We parent are just a bunch of fools. I am sorry-we are just a peanut gallery.
    Jonathan- thank you for being there.

    I was there. I waited until after the movie to linger and listen to the panel discussion lead by (surprise) Tommy, Tony, Jennifer, the Asian man in the trailer, and some 30ish guy who probably was from the production crew. Afterward I saw Trustees Maddox, Winsten, Brick, and Christensen exit. I was shocked to also see an older SJC couple I thought to be good people who cared about children.

    During the discussion Jennifer said something about Placentia-Yorba Linda U.S.D. and Suzette Lovely in the same sentence. Then mentioned some kind of uprising to take place there and how "we have said we will come up and help". Then the whole room broke into applause.

    There was also evidence of future teachers in attendance. In the lobby they talked about what they had just heard and what the discussion meant to them. They were being coddled by a professionally dressed woman who approached and suggested they talk a little more discreetly. She moved them off to the side to continue talking.

    I also heard Jennifer mention something about staying on message.

    The meeting concluded with a woman from Pacific Reasearch Institute who gave a pep talk. She couldn't believe it had been 18 years since they started prior to all the great technology now at their disposal. She said they now have the internet and that "we" will be all over Twitter and YouTube. She also said, "For 25 dollars you can help us share this DVD with 10 households and their friends". For "250 dollars we can make 100 DVD's to distribute".

    I must agree with Jonathan---when did Tommy, Tony, et al. decide it was about good education?

    Finally, as an aside, Jesus Flores, publisher of The Trabuco Canyon News was there. He told me he has been publishing his paper "as an honest business" for 20 years.

    Poor Johnny! It's best that you weren't in the audience. It would have been FAR too much for you to bear.

    Unlike the board meetings - for once YOU would have been in the "minority" without your union buddies by your side.

    Wow "MeForMyKids"! How clandestine of you!

    This was a MARVELOUS evening in the CUSD! Now the district is REALLY "on the map" - probably nationally! Total exposure.

    This is an EXCELLENT documentary - and I can't wait to get my own copy! Jonathan - please do your followers a service and provide the link to YouTube as soon as its posted in a few weeks.

    First: A REPOST

    Jonathan hits the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.

    The Recall movement IS NOT about the quality of education in CUSD. Never was, still ain't. Just another feint to win over the populace.

    Right up there with Winsten disappearing into the phone booth to reemerge as Superman who saves CSR. If ONLY he COULD make the earth spin in reverse!

    From my own 1960's/1970's New York City perspective, the education offered to our children in CUSD is a major disappointment. I began studying a foreign language in public school in 1st grade (like, seriously, Dude) (and never stopped)! One example.

    I will, however, agree with Russell on one point. One only. The teachers are good. Darn good.

    But our district, our county, our state, our country, need to put our money where our mouths are.

    Excellent education does not just happen. It happens when a community embraces and funds the future. It happens when parents champion education and model the value of learning. It happens when the parents DEMAND excellence and are then willing to pay for it. And the parents insist that the community at large help pay for it. What else is there?

    Our children, their future. THE FUTURE.

    I haven't seen this documentary, but I get the gist. No new news. More propaganda.

    Do we need to do better? Absolutely!

    Is the "Recall Group" going to the lead the way to better education?

    I, humbly, suggest that their true mission is not focused on the advancement of higher standards in our classrooms.

    Maybe, as parents, we need to make our voices even louder?

    I can think of quite a few ways....

    But then again, I am....


    Go Jonathan! I am SO in favor or entering where I am not welcome. With politeness, of course. Their "fear" of you speaks volumes.

    And then some.

    Thanks for trying.

    Sorry, Folks. This is frightening.

    Transparency, Honesty and Openness in ACTION!

    Three Cheers for Democracy....HIP, HIP.....Whoops!

    Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World.....Revisited. Or maybe it is Golding's Lord of the Flies.

    Whatever...if you don't subscribe to our beliefs, completely, totally, fully, absolutely, and surrender your soul to OUR WAY....


    Graceful exit, Jonathan. I don't know that I could have been so,uh, polite and professional as you appear to have been.

    Hi, Board.....

    I think I hear a clock ticking.......

    My, my it's almost 2010!

    And whatever could Kenny be up to?

    Maybe he's making a movie?

    Hey peanut, by your comments you obviously haven't seen the movie and you couldn't be more off the mark. That "I got the gist..." approach doesn't do much for your credibility, but keep pluggin and spinnin if you're comfortable with it.

    2010 is bound to be a marvelous year! And if I were a bettin' man - hmmmm, I'd put money on the NEW board remaining intact!

    MANY of us have had it with "biz as usual" in the CUSD a la Fleming and the 7 puppets that drove us into our current sad financial state of affairs!

    I hope justice prevails and Fleming enjoys some time behind bars - couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Hopefully his 7 dwarfs will visit him on Saturdays.

    The reform movement in CUSD always has been about good education, including the removal of the impediments to good education. Most of the reformers have kids in CUSD schools and want the best for their kids too. Jonathan probably wasn't invited because he's not a real journalist. He's a shill for district special interests, who, by the evidence on this blog, panders to the basest in the district.

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