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    June 03, 2009


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    I am glad this family filed suit. It is not for their own financial gain, but to raise awareness of the bullying problem in CUSD, and, hopefully, have it addressed more effectively. I have seen too many principals at elementary and middle schools turn a blind eye to bullying, or worse, deny the psychological effects of bullying. Character Counts, used in San Clemente, is NOT enough to teach kids to accept differences, respect others, stand up for others, and be kind.

    The unbelievable "bullying" that goes on in the public school system continues to receive increased attention and is clearly a huge problem. It HAS to stop - and if the schools aren't providing adequate accountability and punishment per state and/or county laws, then these lawsuits are necessary to get them in shape.

    It will be interesting to learn the facts and any merit of this case!

    I feel extremely sad for this family and their loss. I can't imagine the depth of their loss. I think it is extremely brave and unselfish of this family in their grief to think of other children and to raise awareness of bullying and to try to get the district to change and improve its policies when dealing with bullying and harrassment.

    My son was bullied this year at his elementary school. He has a lisp and was easily provoked so he became a target for teasing and harrassment. We were very lucky because our school had a principal, vice-principal, teacher and a counselor that took steps to end the bullying of my child. They all considered what was happening to be serious.

    At our elementary school we have been very lucky to have a counselor who conducts anger-management groups. I do not think that this occurs at very many other elementary schools. It helps. She is extremely talented but I think she has been riffed

    I'm THRILLED to hear this Shelly! All we ever hear in the news sadly is that school officials do nothing!

    Thank you for sharing this bit of GOOD news.

    Most administrators do what is right. Unfortunately, School Counselors are on the chopping block for next year, as well as the Assistant Principals. No one person can do it all.

    There does seem to be a paradigm of "kids will be kids" that - frankly - has run its course, and it's time for a change.

    We as parents DO entrust the fundamental safety of our children to the public school system. And there are lines that are crossed relative to inappropriate student behavior. When teachers, counselors and principals are made aware of this and they do nothing - then more heads probably need to roll!

    I think we have to be careful and not rush to judgment in this case - but rather sit back patiently and let the facts surface, then we can evaluate what responsibility, if any, the alleged "bullies" played as well as administration/faculty through inaction.

    As sad as it is we may not know the whole story. This boy apparently had some other disorders. I think that he was under some treatment. This is what parents chat about. So, bulling may not be the sole cause of this tragedy. Regardless, we parents need to be vigilant. I am not certain why the district is being targeted.

    My experience is that the school takes any kind of abuse seriously. This is a tragic story, and I feel for the family, but I wouldn't be too quick to blame the school.

    This is probably a good argument for not getting rid of middle school APs, since they are the ones who handle these types of issues.

    I am glad they are doing something. I teach at an Elementary school in Dana Point where our new Principal does not discilpine students who fight, choke, bully, bite, threaten to kill other students, and bring pellet guns to school. At the beginning of the year at the first staff meeting she said, "I don't discipline, that's the teacher's job." If the Principal won't listen or take action, who will?

    This is just so sad. My daughter was bullied in 5th grade. She spent the year alone and really sad. It broke my heart. Some kids can be so mean. I'm happy to say that she is doing better, and next year she is on her way to OCHSA as a 7th grader, joining the orchestra conservatory.

    On a side note, The attorney for this family (Traut) is good. One of the best. He must really believe in this case to take it. I hope that some positive changes come from it.

    God Bless this family. Truly heartbreaking.

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