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    June 16, 2009


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    And the 2nd consecutive year students were in charter schools, they did BETTER than their TPS counterparts in both math and English. This could be construed a couple of ways...either they were so ill prepared by TPS that they immediately fell behind, or they were traumatized by the "change" in teaching/accountability.

    Yes, you're right. And Stanford's wrong.

    Read the study... A couple excerpts:
    -States that have limits on the number of charter schools permitted to operate, known as
    caps, realize significantly lower academic growth than states without caps, around .03
    standard deviations.
    -Students do better in charter schools over time. First year charter students on average
    experience a decline in learning, which may reflect a combination of mobility effects and
    the experience of a charter school in its early years. Second and third years in charter
    schools see a significant reversal to positive gains.


    Look-charter schools are the way (dishonest way)to sell public a bag of goods. This is one of the tricks that are being pull us.

    1. First you bad mouth public schools. After all you need to "soften" public opinion. The seed of doubt must be planted first.

    2. You present an alternative "school of choice." Superficial people will quickly buy into that. They will say: Finally we have an option. We are saved. BS.

    3. Then you shift money from public schools to private/charter schools through vouchers.

    4. Then, in public schools you can pretty much do what you want. Fire and hire teachers and administrators at will, bring in special interests' group curriculum, underpay your staff, be selective (ability to pay) whom you admit.

    5. In the meantime, you do not publish any achievement scores, avoid at any cost any comparison with the results produced by public schools.

    6. Continue to sell your propaganda about the quality of education that you provide.

    This nothing but a con game to break the union, and take control of the educational process to advance political agenda of the right-wingers.

    This is nothing new. This is very clever. But the jig is up. Parents have to stop this nonsense.


    You fanatical attacks are based on hysteria and fiction as opposed to logic and reason. That is why it is impossible to engage you in a meaningful debate.

    CUSD Parent - I think "me" makes a lot more sense than most bloggers. This person always backs their blog up with facts and always responds to other peoples questions. Then people don't like "Me's " response and start attacking "Me".

    From the Report... "The results suggest that new charter school students have an initial loss of learning in both reading and math compared to their counterparts in traditional public schools. In subsequent years, charter school
    students have a gain in reading from charter school attendance compared to their counterparts in traditional public schools and no significant impact in math."

    As an educator, it saddens me to see the number of CUSD high school students who are not college ready. While I never advocate giving federal money to private schools, I believe that with parent involvement in education, charter schools here in CUSD would be worth looking at.

    Tax Payer,

    Exactly what is the number of CUSD high school students that are not college ready? Please explain.

    The two most important elements of a successful school as documented by the research:
    #1 Good teachers
    #2 Good principals.

    In that order. Period. End of story. All of the rest is just spin.

    #3 Good parenting and parent involvement/support

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