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    September 01, 2009


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    Lets milk this district in the name of God and Freedom. This is how it is being done.

    As sad as it is this young man had some other problems in his life. My prediction is that this law suit will be dismissed. It is outrages to blame everything on schools. The whole concept of bulling is just a convenient reason for this lawsuit and another reason to make money.I am very surprised that his parents went along with this nonsense. Their son deserves better. The fact that there is a threat of lawsuits to 100 or so families is something that is out of bounds. Each family can be now exposed to legal fees that may bankrupt many of them. For what?

    Please keep in mind that there has been no public comment on this case. We have grieving parents, rumor-spreading students, and a public that seems quick to wield the sword. Without interviews, testimony, and (sadly) without a suicide note, there is no legal link to bullying or the school district yet. Even the plaintiff's attorneys can't name the perpetrators. Please don't add to the rumors by speculating about the outcome.

    We also have an ambulance chaser who throws anything and everything to see what might stick. If the lawyer can through out all of these claims we have the right to react. The boy apparently was not stable. It is well known that he was trying to kill himself before. Why pretent that we do not know that? This lawyer is attacking the district and us parents. Let the truth be spoken. We just cannot sit back and take it.

    Sad, sad, sad. With fewer admins at our schools now, and with the most effective ones fleeing this ditrict, we will probably be seeing more situations like this sprouting up in the near future, i.e, lawsuits blaming the school for things that happen because the preception is that enough wasn't done, (hopefully not to the degree of a young person's suicide).

    On the other hand, as a person who was harassed at school (both elementary and middle schools), I can attest to the fact that some administrators and teachers downplay the harassment and do nothing. Others blame the victim. Most administrators and teachers, of course, would step in and do something, but there are some bad apples out there. Just saying.

    "Alleged" harassment. We haven't any facts; these are just allegations.

    Let's wait and see what facts actually come out before making a judgment on the claim.

    Why are the parent's taking NO responsibility in this. Granted, I feel so deeply saddened for them.

    Why aren't they out at schools talking to young teens about bullying and convincing students to report problems or speak to their parents. That would be MUCH more productive that suing the school district. Our children will again suffer, and most of them were never involved with this situation.

    Again, I'm sorry for the family, but they should do the right thing and help other students in this situation since no one reported any problems to any administrators, lawyers, etc priot to his suicide at the hands of his parent's gun.

    I don't mean to be harsh and God forbid anything like this happen to one of my young children or anyone elses. But please don't lash out and make the student's of this district pay anymore then they already are.

    If this was a long standing problem, why was it permitted to go on. I would have filed criminal charges and yanked my kid from school!

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