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    September 01, 2009


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    Let the Christian values of tolerance and forgiveness of human imperfection prevail! If the judge (or Chad Farnan) asked themselves, "What would Jesus do?", the answer would not be to financially penalize a talented, hardworking public educator who had the audacity to expect college-level thinking from high school students enrolled in a college-level class. Good luck, Mr. Corbett. (P.S. The Register is bankrupt, so there may be a God after all!)

    it's not the teacher who would be financially punished, but the school district, which in turn would impact every student, teacher and parent

    Then maybe public servants would be more careful about spouting their agenda to a captive high school audience. Ridicule and bullying has no place in the public k-12 classroom.

    Tax Payer,

    First, we're all tax payers, so that's a lame name. Second, an AP History class is an elective, not a requirement.

    The teacher's agenda seems to be to ask students to think. I don't believe that's the same as bullying or spouting his agenda. The student and his parents seem to be part of the political correct whiners that look for easy money. Apparently their faith is pretty weak if it can be shaken by a few questions.

    What agenda? Just because he believes it does not make him right. I think it is OK for teachers to challenge the tabu of faith. If a student is taught critical thinking, can apply it to the topic at hand (i.e. crimes commited by churchs in Europe during that time period,) and come up with a rational conclusions then he will be a better person in the future. We should teach our children to think and question. Blind faith is not a virtue. It always leads to problems.

    Oh give me a break! If Corbett had bad-mouthed Mohammed or Buddha or ANY Eastern religious figure, you'd be singin' a different tune.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. It's the good old-fashioned God of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ that you're unwilling to stand up for. Just admit it and stop the psycho-babble!

    The mind,

    How do you know that? Lets do not get into the discussion about the superiority of your faith over other faiths. In Old testament there is no Jesus, hell or heaven. Are you somehow conflicted now? Stop and think before starting calling someone a hypocrite.

    No conflict on my part. My criticism was two-fold -us-. Corbett condemns God of the Old Testament (and New!) and Jesus Christ. His supporters don't care.

    If he ridiculed other "gods", the public outcry against him would be fierce after he was exposed.

    This is fundamentally obvious in today's culture. It's not ever worth debating.

    There was not even a hint of "superiority" as you call it. The entire point is that there's a bias AGAINST Christianity, not for it!

    One morning two brothers began to fight over who gets the first Eggo waffle from the toaster. Their mother found this to be a good teaching moment and said, "Instead of fighting over this, stop and think, "What would Jesus do?" She continued, "I bet if one of you would be like Jesus then he would be generous and let his brother have the first waffle." At this point the older brother looked at the younger brother and said, "Okay, you be Jesus."

    The mind,

    I don't see how you can say there is a bias against Christianity when some 70% of Americans consider themselves Christians. This is not an issue of Christianity, but of free speech and needless lawsuits. If the teacher had made reincarnation jokes or jokes about women's roles in Islamic cultures, nothing would have happened.

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