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    September 03, 2009


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    Let it go to trial, along with all the sordid details of Carter's scummy life. That money grubber was lucky he got as much as he did while he was at CUSD. He sure didn't have any accomplishments to show for it - unless you count sucking up to parents and the teachers union accomplishments. It was ALWAYS about the money with Carter.

    The school district is well rid of the likes of him.

    He convinced the teachers to negotiate a contract that froze salaries to help the district through the tough times, but the new board rejected that contract only to approve it six months later delaying this years negotiations.

    Save your adjectives for your groupies and stick to the facts.

    In all fairness, Mr. Carter wasn't given any time, let alone room, to accomplish anything. Not his fault. I have a feeling he would have done good things for all of CUSD's stakeholders.

    I agree completely!

    district will lose

    The Board wanted Carter out because he did not wanted to play their game. Now, the district will pay for it. Carter was right the Board was wrong. I just hope that they will not settle. Lets the truth come out. Remember; breaking in,sending his computer out to crack his personal password,insistance to manage principles diectly by the Board, intimidation of staff. This was not Carter's doing. This is what the Board was doing to him.

    Did any of you happen to read what was reported? Said he wouldn't take a pay raise then did...Said he only changed language but that language gave him something that the board DID NOT approve...did you read the emails in the 54 page document..
    I'm a teacher. He didn't convince me of anything. Most of us can see the writing on the wall and knew the district would be in trouble financially and didn't expect raises. What I DID expect is that he wouldn't take a pay raise either.
    I was most frustrated by the way the union got behind him. He doesn't pay dues, he's not a member and there were plenty of we teachers that were fine to see him go after seeing what he did in such sneaky ways.
    Just because you may dislike the Board so much should not sway your common sense in this case. They made a bad decision when they brought him on board no matter how charming he was. This isn't his first lawsuit with a school district and it probably won't be his last if he is ever rehired again.
    With education funds at an all time low he has no problem demanding money he didn't earn. He's not starving or suffering like a lot of folks out there. He screwed up. He got fired. That's the real world. It will cost the district plenty but in the end from what I have seen, I think they will prevail or he will go away.
    What kind of a person demands 1/2 million dollars when he knows he changed his contract? He know it...that's why he did it.
    Let's let the justice system do its work and focus back on the students of CUSD.

    Lets protect...

    I would suggest you go in the history and learn about the nuances of the situation at that time. Carter was going by the book. There were public hearings, his contract was deemed legal. So, what did he "screw-up?" Can you give us the details of that? Before you do that please read his rebuttal.
    It looks to me that you have a strong, biased position based on your affiliation with the Recall Group(direct or indirect.) Lets talk about the facts and not the opinions. So, please give us the facts of what you call Carter's "screw-up."

    BTW, where is the "Strategic Plan?" Did Winsten killed the idea? Does anyone know what is the status of this proposal by Dr. Maher? You know, Carter wanted to have it done too. He could not proceed with that initiative.

    *Corbett did not violate the constitution rights of his students!
    *Draper, Benecke and the rest of the Old Guard Trustees did not engage in gross fiscal mismanagement and corruption!
    *It's OK for public school officials to put children and their parents on an enemies list!
    *Erin Kutnick was an independent grass roots candidate!
    *Toxic High is completely safe for students!
    *The Union truly cares about the kids!
    *The OC Register's owners filed BK because the CUSD apologists cancelled their subscriptions!
    *The Dispatch is run by a real journalist!
    *Addonizio is unqualified to serve because she got a traffic ticket!
    *CUSD is in trouble because great administrators like Doomey, Dixon, Crawford and Lovely left!
    *The OC District Attorney is controlled by the recall people!
    *Fleming and McGill didn't commit felonies!

    *AND...Carter didn't do anything to justify his firing for cause!

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA.....

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