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    September 03, 2009


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    Keep Drinking,
    Why did you waste time typing your post; you don't make sense. Is there something else in your Koolaid?

    Keep Drinking,

    Other than the comment about Erin, I agree with you. Thanks for summarizing the facts of this issue.


    Corbett was found guilty on one minor account.

    Draper and... are free, they were not charged with management of anything.

    It is not OK. But what was the real damage done?
    Are $29 million lawsuits justified or they nothing less but a highway robbery by Recall Group, friends and families?

    Erin Kutnick was ans is an independent grass root candidate. Smear will not work any longer.

    What Toxic High? If the school was toxic it would be closed. It is open and kids are learning.

    The Union cares and works for its members.

    The Freedom Communications declard bankrupcy because it could not pay its bills. The comany could not pay because people would not buy this rag and advertisers would not advertise in it. This was because the Register is biased,it is a propaganda mouthpiece of the OC Republican Party. it os out of touch of reality.

    The Dispatch is run by a good investigative reporter who was threaten by the right wing goons and did not backed down.

    Addonizio received several traffic tickets.

    CUSD is in trouble because of the overall economy. The situation is deteriorating because of incompetence of this Board.

    I do not know anything about the DA. perhaps someone else can chime in here.

    Fleming and McGill are innocent until proven guilty. They were not proven guilty as of yet.
    You know-presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    Carter did not do anything to justify his firing for cause. He was framed and he has already addressed that point. His expenses, less than $200 dollars were handled by his assistent and he already returned that overcharge. The charge is that, he was, on occasion, web surfing while in the office. If someone is working 16 hours per day perhaps that is not that big of an offense. Was he insubordinate? Yes, he was. He was protecting principals fromt he Board. He was also executing his reponsibilities. The Board was supposed to be responsible for an oversight and policy decisions. Carter was supposed to be responsible for execution of these policies. But not, the Board wanted to be the policy maker and the implementer. They were and still are overstepping their authority.
    The Board had no problem with hiring an army of lawyers to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to find a $ 160 overcharge.


    Dear Mr. koolaid-
    thank you for the post. I am still laughing at the stupid BTB cult poster on this blog, you are the first in a long time to make any sense or a valid point.

    hope you have a great weekend!

    I love the cusd but i hope and am pretty sure Mr. Carter will win and win big. This was a complete sham. I have spent an entire career in employment law---- this aint close.

    When Carter wins what this would say about the Board and the Recall Group? Because talk is cheap can a legal action be taken against the Board to remove them? Can they do whatever they want without any consequences? Unfortunately we will have to wait until next year for the verdict.

    Keep drinking,
    Your post made sense to many of us. Well said. Some people are so angry they can't see anything but their own hate.

    What is in your koolaid? Tell me what is accurate about the koolaid's post. The facts please...

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