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    October 29, 2009


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    Now, teachers are affraid to say anything. They are affraid to promote any type of creative thinking or challenge students' biases. They can be recorded and then sued. Is this what you want? Are our kids going to be better off this way? This is just another example of the idiocy that we are dealing with.

    Mind-numbing, politically correct conversation imparts information, but not the ability to think critically. Most of the defenders of freedom/voting rights/democracy/the BOT/Farnan, if given a document written by the founding fathers they so consistently refer to in reverence, would not be able to decipher its meaning or recall its context or argue its merits. They'd have to be told. Society is paving the way for its own downfall.

    any news on Flemings pre-hearing today? With so many rumors flying before it is eerie to hear nothing!

    Corbett's a bigot. He publicly hates and decries Christianity. Any of you who are sympathetic towards him and follow in his "critical thinking" psycho-babble are nothing but robots with no ability to think for yourselves.

    Corbett must go--

    Bigot:a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

    You might call Corbett a bigot, after reading your post, I might call you a bigot.

    Go find a little dose of intellect, "really"!

    What a leap - reading my words and equating to bigotry.

    Well, I think that calling "any of you" sympathetic toward Corbett and his "critical thinking psycho-babble" a "robot without ability to think for yourselves" might display that you are intolerant of any opinions different from your own.

    That seems to be the definition of bigot.

    I will go and look for my "little dose of intellect" now.

    Really? has my vote. Your words dismissed me as a non-thinking robot -- and only a bigot would draw that conclusion over my sympathy toward another human being.

    Jim Corbett's feeling himself again. Look for his letter to the editor in the 11/2/09 OCRegister in response to a piece on John Adams. Welcome back, Mr. Corbett. You're in fine form. ;-)

    Critical thinking - what a pity that it's such a "lost art" in today's "intellectual" society...

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