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    October 29, 2009


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    boy he sure is busy- apparently Fleming's attorney has stated that at the pretrial there was not enough evidence after 4 years and 100,000 of thousands of documents and even new computers showing up- nevermind the taxdollars spent that the judge gave a 6 week continuance! http://www.ocregister.com/articles/prosecutors-attorney-case-2630245-fleming-trial

    1. Thanks to the BOT for fighting this claim.
    2. Fleming has a defense team CUSD should look into.
    3. Why is no one talking/worried about the company petitioning to start charters in CUSD -- that would take away from local resources and potentially, jobs? Any local competition? Any concerned employees?

    It's like the calm before the storm.

    Reality Check,

    What is the name of this company? Do you know?
    I want to find out if there is any connection to this Board or to Education Alliance. It sounds like the next step of the masterplan.

    About this new idiotic idea. They are already manipulating the outcome. Read the end of this article about signatures on this patition.

    Districts across the state receive same petition for online charter school
    Published: October 6, 2009
    According to news reports from around the state, there has been a recent flurry of charter petition submissions from a newly created nonprofit organization known as Global Tides. .

    Global Tides is the creation of Charter School Development Systems, “the West Coast implementation specialist group for Ed Futures Inc.,” according to the CSDS Web site. The organizations are funded by Walmart heir John Walton’s foundation. .

    Global Tides seeks approval for its petition from school districts in 14 different counties. “We are aware of at least 91 strategically submitted petitions circulating among districts in those 14 counties,” said Richard L. Hamilton, director of CSBA’s Education Legal Alliance. .

    CSDS “will be opening a California, statewide, online, K-12 charter school in September 2010,” according to its Web site. The organization says its intent is to apply for a statewide charter after operating the program for three to five years. .

    The state Education Code requires charter petitions to be signed by teachers who are meaningfully interested in teaching at the proposed charter school. “Reportedly, the Global Tides petitions are all signed by the same teachers, which draws into question whether this requirement has been met,” said CSBA Senior Research and Policy Consultant Stephanie Medrano Farland. .

    Districts are urged to review charter petitions carefully and seek legal advice, Hamilton said.

    WOW Wal-mart Education;

    A group that wants to start the first statewide kindergarten-through-12th grade online charter school has blanketed school districts throughout California — including many in the East Bay — with petitions seeking approval for its plan.

    The approach has upset some who say the effort is wasting public resources in a time when money is tight.

    "We don't support the 'throw it against the wall and see what sticks' approach," said Stephanie Farland, senior policy consultant at the California School Boards Association. Reviewing the petitions and holding the necessary public hearings is costing districts money, she said.

    Global Tides, an organization linked to an education group funded by the Walmart founder's Walton Family Foundation, says its Web-based charter schools will target at-risk students.

    The group has submitted 91 petitions for approval in 14 California counties, including to all Alameda County school districts, said Marco Salazar, a vice president of Charter School Development Systems of Newport Beach, an affiliate of Global Tides.

    Charter School Development Systems, and its partner company Ed Futures, runs and helps start charter schools nationwide.

    Before they can open, charter schools — public schools that get state funding — must be approved by traditional school districts or agencies. Once approved, an online charter school can serve pupils in that county and adjacent ones.


    So, here is the connection:

    The Walton Family Foundation is set up to promote schools of choice. The Global Tides, Inc. is set up as a operation arm that starts on-line charter schools. What a moronic idea. This foundation(there are are also other foundations)also feeds money to PRI (infamous anti CUSD movie producer starring Winsten, Bealls, Russell.) Also Freedom Communications (OC Register's parent bankrupt company) gives money to PRI. This one big right wing conspiracy.

    This is just a way for parents who want support in home schooling their kids to get a curriculum online. In turn, the company will get tax dollars from school districts where these children reside for providing this service.

    How many of the 91 districts are saying no? Corona-Norco did. See the post below.

    "Corona-Norco school district denies two charter schools
    By PE News on October 24, 2009 8:00 AM | Comments (0)

    After spending staff time, legal and accounting fees estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Corona-Norco Unified School District rejected applications for two charter schools on a 5-0 vote Tuesday night.

    Global Tides Inc., which staff said has applied to 90 California districts, and Stellis Bridge Middle School submitted charter applications for programs that staff found educationally unsound and not financially viable.

    School districts are required to conduct public hearings and evaluate all petitions for charter schools, said Tom Pike, assistant superintendent for community relations.

    Similar to most California school districts, Corona-Norco expects to have to make midyear budget cuts of $17 million as state revenues drop.

    --Dayna Straehley

    Watch Out Corona Norco! Here comes the Ed Alliance!

    I will contact Corona Norco and will ask them to watch what is going on here. Perhaps they will be able to block these idiots from coming in.

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