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    November 04, 2009


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    This is FAR from over! It's so predictable - seeing the little soldiers line up in place, the die-hard supporters of Corbett.

    Are there no lines to be crossed any longer? The sympathy and overwhelming support from the "intellectuals" for this bigot Corbett is just astounding. What a PERFECT reflection on just how broken the system truly has become.

    Shame on the district and shame on the union to stand behind this creep.

    Well, the union is legally required to defend any teacher. CTA also defended the CVHS teacher a while back who some felt was proselytizing. So they don't play favorites.

    But more important, what kinds of results was Corbett getting? What percentage of his students were passing the AP European History test? How many of them feel he is a good teacher? How many feel he is a poor teacher?

    If you check Dr. Corbett's pass rate, you'll find out it was extremely high. I've talked to many of his former students, and I have yet to find one who doesn't say he's an outstanding teacher. The conservative students all say he strongly encouraged them to express dissenting views and in no way penalized anyone for disagreeing with him.

    Oh, and by the way -- according to students who were in the same class as Chad Farnan, Farnan is not a very good student who was out of his league in Dr. Corbett's class. They feel he took the easy way out by challenging Corbett in the courts because he was intellectually incapable of challenging him in the classroom.

    You're wrong on MANY levels. First of all, Chad IS a good student! Not sure where your source was for that sour nugget.

    Secondly, the union is "legally required to defend any teacher"? What in the world are you talking about?

    So when a teacher molests a student or does drugs with them, there's a legal requirement for the union to provide a defense?

    Thirdly, since WHEN is the measurement of a good teacher LIMITED to test results? Have we completely lost our senses? What about the moral and ethic character as displayed to the kids? Does that not enter into the equation any longer - in this "progressive" society?

    "Good" is not necessarily the same as "advanced" and really smart kids know the difference And, yes, teachers are provided insurance for defense in cases like this. And your "thirdly" argument sounds a lot like the teachers' union. Are you sure you're not a CTA Union Organizer? I heard they're in town.

    The left vs. the right, conservatives vs. liberals, people in CUSD will argue over just about anything.

    It isn't a crime to ask students to challenge doctrines that they are spoon fed by society. That is the nature of education and a really good teacher should incite a child to challenge what he is told as "truth". As a Christian, I am offended by many people who claim to represent Christ but instead use "The Lord's Name in Vain" by quoting scripture to hide behind as they discriminate against people that aren't white, heterosexual, Republican or Protestant. More diverstity and tolerance is needed in our schools....by the way diversity and tolerance as well as LOVE was what Christ taught. Name calling and intolerance, like what we most often hear from our South Orange County "Christians" is NOT what Christ taught.

    Challenge what you have been told to believe. d

    "So when a teacher molests a student or does drugs with them, there's a legal requirement for the union to provide a defense?"

    Yes. Did you ever hear about "innocent until proven guilty?"

    "First of all, Chad IS a good student! Not sure where your source was for that sour nugget."

    My source is a couple of other students who were enrolled in the same class. (Both are conservatives, by the way, and one calls himself a Christian.)

    Do you know Chad's GPA, the rest of his grades and how he did on his SAT?

    (Hint: Of course you don't!)

    I've totally missed your point about your "source". So what - if another student "calls himself a Christian". So what?

    Doesn't change Corbett's unacceptable style and vocal disdain for God, Jesus and Christianity at large!

    You know nothing about Jim Corbett. Those at CVHS know and respect him, including Christian kids and faculty. You, on the other hand, are a hypocrite who has a beam in your eye while you are pointing out the mote in another person's eye.

    Regardless of the type of student this young man is, this teacher had no business saying "Creationism is religious, superstitious nonsense." That's the point. The comment didn't belong in the classroom. Actually, as a teacher of history, perhaps he needs to look a little closer at the original documents of the US Constitution. Our founding fathers would not have agreed with him.

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