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    November 14, 2009


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    Thanks for making it clearer. I heard her say “Who said that?”, but didn’t know what she was referring to. So it is not only the fact that she had months to clear up the misnomer of OVER 10% that the board wants the teachers to take, but the fact that she wants it permanent. I know this is true because her Superintendent letter to parents states it cannot be a one-time fix to wages. I did not understand then why it was not tied to income from the state- I can see the teachers don’t understand either. How about the retroactive pay cut- is she saying this is a lie also or does she expect teachers who live check to check to come up with 3 months of “back pay”?

    Do you know if hiring consultants at 3 days a week is cheaper (in the long run) than full time employees? Or do we have to pay more per hour for temporary folks because they aren’t getting benefits or have the comfort of knowing they have a full time job? Or is it they just can’t get anyone to apply because of the reputation CUSD has right now with this board? I have to think that special education would save a lot of law suits if the right person is in full time.

    No one was laughing along with Mahler when she was talking about 1st grade and having kindergarden students rub her leg. No one. Gasping maybe though.

    Consultants? Just that - they consult. They have no long term loyalty to this district and of course no background knowledge of the histroy of this district (except what Winston has told them of course). Someone driving from LA and back three days a week cannot give even close to the attention to their position a permanent employee would much less the very qualified employees we have lost. And would YOU work at CUSD in an upper management position today? Would you risk your career on this district at this time? I really hope Dr. Duffy can succeed but not sure how if he is controlled and manipulated by the board like Mahler is.

    I heard the Register was notified and Martindale didn't care. He probably preferred to just call Winsten and chat, or text him. Or Maybe he was in watching football with him.

    Martindale and the OCRegister, in their myopic approach, are working toward the demise of their own industry. The silly boy won't care until there's no one literate enough in OC to read his propagandist paper. In the meantime, the San Clemente Times has my attention, and I never miss a day with the LA Times... which can still afford its own delivery service! Here's to respecting the American ideals of a free, unbiased press and free market competition!

    Like I have said before drop this rag of paper (OC Register)and things may improve a bit. At least uninformed absentee voters will stop being the intended victims of this propaganda machine.
    Last night I spoke with one of the most respected lawyers in the industry. What he told me was very interesting. He told me that the right wing propaganda machine (including all of these idiotic talk shows) is geared towards less educated, less intelligent population. These are the people who can be managed by fear. Fear of foreigners, fear of change, fear of public education, fear of anything... The sharks in media know it and feed this populism. Look what PRI is doing-same thing. Drop this newspaper rag and see how quickly they will go under for real.

    http://www.ocregister.com/news/legal-218798-greer-school.html Robert Curtis seems to be doing the reporting for the Register under comments about CUSD hiring Greer- Is he a CUSD Recall board member by chance? Even the Register was almost on Local Trustees side in this article, you may not want to cancel that paper quite yet....

    This wasn't a CUEA thing. It was, as mentioned int eh story, a wildcat activity. It seems to me that CUEA's quiet, non-confrontational approach has finally worn thin with its members. And yes, CUEA has been pretty tame in its activities. No one has done a sickout, or a work slowdown, or anything overtly confrontational or illegal under CUEA orders. I think its important to note that. CUEA has clearly been attempting to operate within the labor laws.

    However, if Mike "What about them" Winsten suddenly has to worry about angry employees picketing in front of his home, then I'm all for it. Its about time that the district high-ups realized just how upset the employees are with their arrogant, high-handedness. I find it interesting that his neighbors also don't exactly like the man. Gee, why am I not shocked?

    As a concerned resident of San Clemente and parent of two children who benefited from the outstanding schools in CUSD, I strongly urge all members of the community to get active, get loud, and be heard. Parading through neighborhood streets is extremely civil. No citizens were involved in trespassing or blocking traffic. We need to be shouting from every street corner and calling on friends and neighbors. We need to let them understand that these board members are being finance by people with deep pockets who want to deprive your children of the education that mine were able to get from CUSD.

    This is just lovely. I sincerely hope that teachers conduct more of these protests in front of the homes of District Trustees. They will most certainly backfire when the next election comes around.

    Voters in South OC are watching all of this and they won't be intimidated by a mob of public employees who care only for their jobs, their lavish retirement plans, and their union. Voters understand that the budget cuts, the layoffs and the awful condition of the schools didn't happen overnight. Most stand in awe of the greed and dishonesty that has its origin in Sacramento, but reaches right into our community.

    Protesting teachers are the vanguard of union thugs that will come later in an effort to win concessions through intimidation that cannot be won by other means. Sad joke: In the current climate of the State, these concessions cannot be won by any means. Even the union bosses cannot describe a solution!

    Jonathan, when you state that this protest was not authorized by the union, you should cite your source (assuming you had one). It's important for voters to be able to identify liars by name.

    Incidentally, it is equally lovely how you connect this protest with Trustee opposition to the June election expenditure. For those who might have wondered which side of that dispute to support, you've certainly cleared-up confusion.

    I'm not sure Erin will thank you for that! But you sure straightened out Kevin Murphy, who has no love for unions.

    Hey pantsonfire - go look in the mirror.

    (cracked though it may be).

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