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    December 22, 2009


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    There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the decision-making under the oral communications umbrella -- cutting them to 1 minute, allowing fewer -- but FOUR out of seven speakers that night were pro-board? That's censuring the public! And if the trustees were facing an "unexpected crush of public participation," shame on them. Teachers had been standing on street corners for weeks inviting the public. District officials should have anticipated the public's awareness and interest. Four out of seven? Addonizzio picked them? Really?

    It is appalling and disheartening to discover that the board solicited speakers on their behalf and then made sure those few got to speak at the meeting. The teachers and general public that were there had many more people there to speak, without solicitation, and yet the board did not allow them to make a statement. FOUL! A red flag should have been tossed to stop the blue card debacle! If, as the president of the board states, it is not our place to question them, then who is monitoring their behavior and practices? How can they continue to do what they are doing? Everything that this board does is appalling to me! STOP THEM NOW...SOMEBODY!

    What a pathetic group of pansies who need to inform people what to say to "urge them,' "thank them," and "tell them you appreciate" .... Isn't that called "teaching to the test"?

    There seems to be an ugly misconception that the Board should be listening to the parents and public. They work for their constituents... Education Alliance, The Beals, The Russells, The OCGOP...you know, the people who pay the bills.
    The Board does their bidding and ONLY their bidding. You're very lucky to be in the room. The do not want or need the public to do their work. It's a private club with a half billion dollar annual legal budget...What don't you understand?

    Tony Beall and Jennifer Beall... both? Counted for two out of seven? They could only take seven and Addonizio took a husband and a wife and said, "Yes, those two, separately." What a sham! This board is so gone! Ellen, you have never stood out as anything but stupid and inconsequential until now. You are a tool. You are weak. You are evil. And you are out of your league. I will devote countless tireless hours to your recall. I will devote every spare dollar to CUCF. I will engage my family, neighbors, children and colleagues in the fight. RESIGN NOW. It's OVER.

    Nothing screams "puppet" as much as that flyer -- I see a new spot on the horizon and this one isn't a clown theme.

    Or maybe a "monkey" theme -- hear no constituent's input, see no constituents lined up outside trying to be heard, do nothing to save the constituents' money by requesting a waiver.

    Heck, both. I'm increasing my support for CapistranoUnifiedChildrenFirst.org today.

    I'm still stunned that this board would dare to censor who speaks, then cut off only the ones who are critical to their agenda...and then script the rest with talking points. Unbelievable and incredibly stupid on the trustee's part....I don't know what else to say. Other than they obviously do not care, which is nothing new. Same old, same old.

    I too am increasing my support for CapistranoUnifiedChildrenFirst.org!

    "I'm still stunned that this board would dare to censor who speaks, then cut off only the ones who are critical to their agenda."

    As much as I dislike this board, I note that the Fleming trustees did the same thing.

    Also, Ellen Addonizio is no longer the board President. Now it's Anna Bryson.

    Problem is folks that the Bealls couldn't care less and they are convinced they DO control his district. Did you see that smug "smile" she wears around? They rule by fear and intimidation which I noticed was posted on another thread. If any readers out there have connections to the GOP now is the time to let them know how their OC wing is wortking the public. Please.

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