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    December 15, 2009


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    Wow! Jennifer is getting pretty desperate. They clearly have NO supporters left in CUSD so they have to recruit people from Irvine that don't even know the name of our school district!

    And now she's going to save seats for people from outside our district so that our own parents and constituents can't get in. What a crock!

    All their money and supporters are from outside the district but the rest of us know what's going on!

    This email is simply a cluster of outrageous lies spread by a very simple mind. Unfortunately, the Beall's have a ready made following of like minded fear mongers. Hopefully, they'll have a chance to open up their minds to the truth about CUSD, our real test scores, and how education friendly the new board really is.


    Obviously, you are another uninformed person and by making these incorrect statements, makes you look like an idiot. Here are the facts:

    First of all, the district is Capo Unified School District not San Juan Hills. Secondly, the buses that are transporting teachers from Capo Schools not Los Angeles. Thirdly, Capistrano Unified's test scores are through the roof. The district's test scores are well above not only California's average but the national average. Lastly, stop using where California ranks because those scores are very skewed. Capistrano's scores are very high as I stated but California as a state doesn't do well because 50% of the population is Hispanic which many don't even speak the language. Have you seen Oakland's test scores? Awful!

    Please stop stating propaganda and only state facts. I feel sorry for your tea party group because you just showed your true colors of stupidity and some other type of hidden agenda just like this school board!

    So, SS Jennifer is mobilizing her brownboots clones in her OCGOPNaziland. This must end.

    Google Megan Barth.....definitely a Beall pal. If it didn't seem so desparate, it'd be funny...and here I am, a Republican who no longer recognizes the party. These people don't speak for me. Where the heck did she get her information....oh, that's right they make it up!

    Ms Barth, It is disappointing that you need to resort to out and out lies. Scary in fact. What happened to ethical conduct? You don't even have the correct name of the school district in your subject heading. Eight buses from LA? If you have a point to make at least make it believable. This is insulting.


    I agree:lies,brownboot tactics,OCGOP Naziland, and The Recall Group.

    Guess the Beall's won VIP reserved seating for themselves and their friends in their CUSD lawsuit settlement.

    Megan Barth is running for Mayor of Irvine ... yet another example of lies and political grandstanding at the expense of the education of CUSD's children. I shall be supporting my children and their teachers at the board meeting tonight.

    The fact that she is a member of the "Tea Party Patriots" pretty much discredits her altogether.

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