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    December 18, 2009


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    Maybe Carter would like to run for Trustee?

    Justice has been served...

    One year ago today, it all began....

    The current board held a meeting at 2:00 p.m. on December 18, 2008, when virtually no parents, teachers or students were able to attend.

    At that time, the trustees vociferously denied that they had any intention of firing Superintendent Carter. We were all "hysterical" for imagining such an outcome. Right after winter break, Carter was put on leave. In March terminated, despite the protestations of teachers, parents, administrators etc.

    Clearly the trustees chose not to hear us then, as they choose not to hear us now. Could the trustees really not see that they had no supporters in the thousand + that gathered on Tuesday? Wake up, trustees. Compromise really is okay. We teach that to our children every single day.

    So, what can we expect at the meeting on January 12th? Deification of the Board? Official Gods, not to be questioned? Absolute rule?

    Please bear in mind, Peck's ruling has only to do with the legalese of Carter's contract, not any actions he may or may not have taken.

    Perhaps if Carter runs for trustee...and wins, the district can start charging for seating at the board meetings. The entertainment fees could get some revenue for the district.

    Come on… Carter was a carpet bagger and a fraud. He spent a year trying to undermine the Trustees and reform by sucking-up to the union and any other Erin that would listen. In the end, he was an empty suit.

    It was a lost year for CUSD. Just one of many before and after.

    Carter's lawsuit was an exercise in hubris. Anyone who believes that this guy cared one bit about CUSD is deluded. It was always about the money.

    When reading the Register article, remember that the contract alteration involved Mike Darnold. Mike was a Trustee (ultimately, Board President) who lost his seat in the election that brought in the current Board. It was the only time that he'd ever stood for election and it did not go well for him.

    Nor did Mike's prestige or the valiant (and illegal) efforts of Carter help to elect Erin Kutnick or Andrea Kooiman, both of whom campaigned with Darnold using union money.

    The voters saw through the fraud.

    Wood Chuck,

    You are just another man with an opinion. In this case the issue is not with Carter but with his contract. Was it or was it not prepared to provide him this compensation?
    The rest of you comments you can save for yourself. Compare: Carter vs. Mahler or Carter vs. Winsten or Carter vs. Bryson.There is no comparison.
    Eduction Alliance zombies will cut down anyone who oppose them.

    Interesting that you should bring up the term "carpetbagger". Our current board has been hiring consultants (retired education professionals from other districts) to fill vacancies caused by administrators leaving CUSD. The recently engaged search firm will be conducting a nationwide search for a new superintendent. If Mr. Carter was a carpetbagger, then the current consultants, interim superintendent and future superintendent are also all carpetbaggers because they come to CUSD from other districts. This line of reasoning is preposterous!

    However, I do consider Lance Izumi, Mark Bucher, Megan Barth, and many of the Republican leaders in Orange County to be opportunistic and exploitive outsiders; in other words, carpetbaggers. They should keep their noses out of our school district!!

    Ah actually Ms. Heidl, it began long before the meeting a year ago. I attended that meeting. Did you? If you did, you should remember that it was quite crowded. There were plenty of other parents and teachers in attendance. It was a circus, with one of the CUSDChildernFirst clowns as ringmaster. Let's not try to rewrite history.

    Remember Carter's speech at that meeting? The one where he basically said he would not work with the trustees? No matter what they thought of Carter, they had little choice but to terminate him after that.

    This is what happens with baseless lawsuits. Thanks to the trustees for defending the district from an attempted shakedown. Let's hope this is the last we hear from that loser Woodrow Carter.


    You are thinking of the wrong meeting.

    But yes, I was at the one you mention too, which took place the following month. How subjective memory is. I don't recall the January meeting as a circus. I remember lots of constituents voicing their concerns and opposition to the board's decision.

    Hey Wood Chuck - your facts are a bit off. Mike Darnold did NOT run in the last election. He graciously stepped down to continue his efforts working FOR children in CUSD. He continues to do that today. Mr. Darnold has done more for kids in need than anyone in our district. And some of your recall friends know that.

    If Carter were still superintendent we would not be in the situation we are today. The teachers and district would have actually negotiated in good faith and come up with a reasonable agreement - one that would help the budget situation and not alienate and send our teachers out looking for new jobs.

    Luckily as Judi pointed out, this is only about the contract. The issue about how he was fired is no where near dead. And yes, he would be a great trustee - wish that could happen!

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