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    December 18, 2009


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    You are right we will never agree but thanks for the civil debate.

    I think though basically we are the government. We can't blame "them" because we are them. If people and policies are really out of touch with the majority than the people and policies are eventually voted out. The real problem is people's apathy and relying on other people to feed them information and not educating themselves on issues . Thankfully though, it seems historically that when the situation really becomes unbearable then many people who were apathetic or out of touch before wake up and become involved. The pendulums swings back and forth and sleeping lions awake.

    What will awaken sleeping lions? Not cutting the pay of the teachers. No one feels my pain or fear or will notice my suffering. It is ending programs: 25:1, music, sports, on-site tutoring, dances. It is the end of "luxuries" like AP and IB and PAL and ASB and AVID that are not required by the government. It is the end of competitions, for music performances, academic decathlons, spelling bees, geography bees, cheer, dance and anything else where the coach spends 250 hours to earn an extra $1K. It is the end of middle school dances that are chaperoned by teachers willing to stay after school because teenagers won't dance if their parents are watching. When the programs are gone, the sleeping lions will awaken. But by then it will already be too late.

    You get what you pay for,

    I'm awake. I am not a teacher but a parent. I totally support teachers. I (middle income barely making it parent) am willing to pay extra (parcel tax or whatever) because I think it is absurd to ask teachers, administrators and district and school staff to pay for my children's programs and education. This is essentially what the district is demanding with permanent pay cuts.

    If we could support "Shelly for school board" I'd have hope.

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