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    December 18, 2009


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    PS - The King of the carpetbaggers is Ken Lo-Mad - it is still unclear just where he lives and if it is even in the area he is supposed to represent. And you cannot say with a staright face that he is here to help education and our kids - he is just looking of the next political position to run for. And he really does need to get a handle on his temper but that should create lots of entertainment in the coming months as he tries to tell Anna what to do and how to "control" the meeting.


    Carter has 21 days to appeal. I would suggest that he hires a new lawyer. However, do not let facts confuse you. I was at one of the meetings where Carter actually extended his hand to all trustees and wanted to work with them. But he was already doomed, because he did not wanted to be micromanaged by this board (giving them direct access to school principals). He wanted to do his job well and the Board wanted him to be their puppet. Also, remember the break-in and cover up?
    Snake-that is a very fillting moniker for you.

    Ken Maddox is the carpetbagger. He moves from city to city to desperately run for any open office up for election: congress, sheriff, board member, etc. He currently holds a full-tim job that WE the taxpayers,fund. Are we getting our money's worth out of him? This taxpayer says NO. If his actions as a board member are indicative of his actions as an employee, he can't be trusted. Who does his employee evaluation? Who checks his expense accounts? Who checks his conflict of interest forms?

    Again - it's a lovely day in CUSD! The folks that love Soderberg and Carter are conspicuously quiet this morning! Hmmm...

    Justice has been served - Carter filed a frivolous lawsuit with NO legal merit.

    $487,425 for CUSD!!! YES! Thank you CUSD Trustees!!!

    "Children First" make sure you subtract the $487,425 from your fuzzy math "cost savings" calcs and account for the the legal fees YOU and your cohorts cause as part of expenses YOU cost the district. The majority of voters in this district know that ultimately the law and reason will prevail over your hysteria -

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    The Recall Group-before you start celebrating please notice that the case is not over. Carter wwill re-file. BTW,the math is good and the Board will be out together with your right wing evangelical aganda. People are not stupid. Remember-the cat is out of the bag:

    Ahmanson=The Education Alliance=Recall Group=The Board

    Follow the money...and you will know what this is all about.

    Parent - you are entitled to your opinion whatever and as deeply faulted as it may be. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    The case is NEVER over for you Carter and Soderberg lovers! You have the inability to ever acknowledge defeat.

    It will be fun seeing your excuses when the current board stays intact next November!

    And your comment that people aren't stupid is stupid. Some people ARE stupid - others are brilliant.

    And by the way, right-wing = traditional values that made this country GREAT!

    And evangelical = God-loving, which also made this country GREAT!

    That having been said - have a wonderful CHRISTmas! (Oh my goodness, now I've brought Jesus into this...)

    Hey Jen - keep it up - makes you look as crazy as at the meetings with your tiny little group of out of town supporters. The tide has changed and you all must be very worried. WE, the REAL parents in CUSD, WILL have a great Christmas knowing that change IS in the air.

    Translation of message above:
    "Teachers never give up. Some people are stupid, but not me, because of my moral superiority complex. I owe my lovely outlook to Jesus."

    Folks, I don't think teachers are up against much. These people will dig their own graves.

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