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    December 28, 2009


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    This is the political fight-like it or not.
    Mark Bucher (Education Alliance) spoke on behalf of this Board against the proposed waiver.

    Craig Alexander (GOP) spoke on behalf of this Board against the proposed waiver.

    The Recall Group (supported by both,the Education Alliance, and GOP) and out trustees created the anti-CUSD PRI movie.

    Lets do not be naive-this is nothing but the political fight started and continued by the Recall Group.

    We,the parents care about our children. This Board does not. What have they done for our children?

    When Insider said the board may likely "impose" a pay cut of 10% or more, that is code for forcing a strike vote. It means that the district is not interested in negotiating or mediating a settlement; they are not willing to be bound by the report of the Fact Finder/neutral late next month; they are planning to "impose" their last best offer and let a strike ensue. Their hope is that by forcing a strike, they will turn parents against teachers.

    Teachers are doing everything they can to avoid that. But we need parents' support and help and strength - not to save our salaries, but to support responsible decision-making and hold the board accountable. We need you to see that the school board and their supporters are demonizing us (and all unions) as the cause of the recession and the ones standing the way of recovery. We cannot suggest any solution (parcel tax, program cuts, lay-offs, higher class sizes) even if we know we could survive better with them -- because public resistance would be deflected by the board and become anti-teacher. Without either party being willing or able to offer solutions, an "imposed" cut and strike become more likely.

    The recall supporters are posting their propaganda on the Orange County Register's online articles and baiting teachers here. Teachers cannot stop the flow of misinformation on their own. We need parents to understand that there is an inherent value in having a teacher down the street, who raises children that go to public schools, who can relate to your families' needs, who informs you about school issues, and attends school programs, and who can finish a career in your community. Your help is needed is we are to sustain and protect that value.

    Every one (families, congregations, businesses, social services, charities, sports organizations, book clubs, and the list goes on ) stands to gain or lose here, if the school board is planning to force a strike. It cannot come to that. We must stand up to the board in support of teachers. And we must do it together and soon. Insider is not popular here, but she is effective elsewhere. If they win this battle, the new year will not be a good one.

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