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    December 15, 2009


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    It's interesting how they decide to announce this little tidbit of information at such a late hour! And how much more will this cost the constituents?? This is an obvious ploy to save their own political hide! What a bunch of crooks. These board members days are numbered!!

    at this rate, they'll pretty much burn thru the $500k they are hoping to save, thru lawyer fees they'll spend fighting this

    clearly they are not interested in saving money - that is not their motivation here

    And they shut me down when I tried to speak on Agenda Item 18. Turned off my mike and told me I was not on topic. Agenda Item 18 was Purchase Orders. First off, approval for consulting agreements. Item number ONE on the Exhibit for Agenda 18 was payment to Phil Greer (the man they hired to pursue this lawsuit). No wonder they turned off my mike!

    Hitting a little to close to home, eh?

    It is time to launch the full scale recall. There were over a thousand people there last night and in one weekend we could gather the signatures necessary to recall these thieves. Are we all in?

    UNBELIEVABLE! The cards are on the table folks - let's get this party rolling!

    I'm in! Get the recall going!

    We have the time, we have the money, we have the resources and we have the people. Winsten and Lo-Mad recalled and the A,B,C positions replaced with sensible people. The current majority of right wing wackos disappears and we can all get back to the business of educating our kids.

    They chose to ignore their consituents ( what about them ? ) and rather then move to save $700,000 in election costs in 2010 they elect to spend now over $100,000 fighting to save their seats. Let's show them what that decision will cost them.

    Before we recall the bums, we need to find reasonable candidates. That shouldn't be to difficult. While we are at it, let's get rid of the board's nasty superintendent.

    Here they go again, spending more money on attorney fees. And you wonder why teachers are fighting a 10% pay cut? If the board managed to display any ounce of responsible spending, then I would support them, but since they continue to waste my tax payer dollars, then I say to all the teachers out there "stand up for what's right!"

    Everything they did last night just further showed the public how inept and careless these 7 people are. Bryson can't run a meeting and doesn't even remember to call for a vote, they stacked the deck with their friends for oral communications and never let any of the other people speak who turned in cards, cut off 2 other speakers, had to submit a negative budget and then to top it all off voted to waste more money on another frivolous lawsuit. I agree, it's time to recall. We tried to do things a more rational way but these aren't rational people.

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