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    December 12, 2009


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    If they really wanted to hear the concerns of their constituents, they would have moved the meeting to a larger venue, as the "Old Guard" Board did in the past. Meetings were held in gyms and at the Jewish Temple in Aliso Viejo.

    Of course, this Board does not want to hear from the public.

    Civil disobedience anyone?

    Tell you what... I promise to behave if the Superintendent promises not to read to me as if I were a first grader, nor regale me with tales of her intimate encounters with kindergartners. I'm still having nightmares about the latter.

    Since there will probably be no standing in the back of the room, the puppet masters won't be able to lurk there....texting the puppets, and all. They will have to sit with everyone else. Whoa! That ought to be interesting! Can't wait to watch! Instead of lurking and texting, maybe they could fill out one of those nifty little cards, and try speaking for a tiny bit of time. But, that would mean following the rules...and pigs will fly, too!

    And yes, they need to move the meeting to a larger venue. Keeping it in the board room, with their constituents becoming frustrated and vocal about it, is what they want. It will be another trumped up reason to call us an angry mob.

    I did send an e-mail to all 7 board members asking whether anyone had pursued finding an alternate venue for the meeting citing concern for safety and allowing access to all who would like to attend.

    Responses to date: 0.

    will board members be texting during the meeting as well?


    Doesnt San Juan Hills high school have a 47 million dollar theatre we can use?

    I emailed all 7 board members....zero responses here, too! Glad they are listening...NOT

    On another note, today's teacher and parent turn out in Aliso Viejo was a big success. The community is hearing our concerns about these inept trustees. The acting school board members' days are numbered.

    I am still concerned that although I do feel the word is getting out...it needs to be out there even more. I went to a family gathering last night and shared to my friends and family that I would be at Tuesday night's protest at the DO. 100% of the people had heard nothing about it. These are parents with kids in our district! I was stunned. How do we get more info out? Bobbi Mahler is using schoolloop as her avenue to send out her spin (see her latest letter to the parents dated 12/11/09). How do we reach a larger audience?


    Proud teacher - there is lots going on in SC - check with your teacher friends at other schools. Also check the face book: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Capistrano-Unified-Children-First/139893373550?v=wall and learn about what CUCF is doing.

    Keep talking to your friends and acquaintances though - grass roots at its best.

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