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    December 29, 2009


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    Love the contrast. One's focused on reporting the past and the other is focused on the future. I'll bookmark Ram's report to monitor. But I'm bringing my own posse to every board meeting from now on.

    Geez! CRichardson the organizer is scary. The 9/12ers? Give me a break. Just more people without children meddling in my children's education.

    What do you know - yet ANOTHER group of people from OUTSIDE our district asking their supporters to come help defend OUR board. This only shows again that the recall group that ran our board as candidates and continues to monitor their behavior and direct their actions, is running out of steam (and local support). That is why they are so frightened of the constituents petition that has put the change of the way we vote for trustees on the JUNE ballot. That is why they are fighting this like mad to get it moved to November so they can have an easier time electing their own candidates. However, the beans have been spilled and a huge portion of the real voters that actually live in the CUSD boundaries know what is going on. We will NOT welcome these outsiders with open arms. And to the current board, we will NOT support your leaders candidates.

    More outside special interests who "care" about our children? Not. It is all about politics for this board and the radicals who support them.

    We are intelligent constituents and we will not allow the hijacking of our once-great district to continue.

    Local control now!

    Actually, it says she's from San Clemente.

    But is it just me, or what is a 912er?

    My understanding is that this group is associated with Glenn Beck - here's a link to a Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9-12_Project. Glenn Beck is certainly NOT my cup of tea and this shows even more what the motives of those that suppor the current board.

    I see that Jennifer Beale just joined the 9/12 meet-up group today.

    I love the knee jerk reactions from you union hacks to instantly attack anyone who supports the current board members.

    CRischardson clearly states she is a local CUSD resident and she invites others who live within CUSD to come to the board meeting. I guess in your warped shallow union-numbed minds, if you aren't on the CUSD payroll you're an outsider. Good luck with that mentality come election day.

    And to the Capistrano Dispatch, who is this "one time CUSD candidate Ram Mukherji?" -- I don't remember ever seeing his name on a ballot for CUSD. When did he run for office? Also, his facts are incorrect. He states, "The CUSD teachers are at the bottom of the pay scale compared to other Orange County School District." (sic) That is a false statement. It would appear he is spouting pro-union propoganda.

    This is their leader: Glenn Beck:

    Mother: Mary (d. suicide)
    Wife: (div., two daughters)
    Daughter: Mary (has cerebral palsy)
    Daughter: Hannah (b. 1991)
    Wife: Tania (one son, one daughter)
    Son: Raphe (adopted 2004)
    Daughter: Cheyenne Grace Beck (b. 30-Apr-2006)

    High School: Sehome High School, Bellingham, WA (1982)

    University: Yale University (dropped out)

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Converted to Mormonism 2000 (from Roman Catholicism)

    Risk Factors: Alcoholism, Marijuana, Cocaine, Obesity, Appendicitis

    Follow the leader-simple minds.

    Gee, Insider, you either don't know how to use Google or don't know the district as well as you thought ... you might want to even look at your own propoganda page, the Recall Website, where it carries the story of Ram dropping out of the CUSD race.

    March 27, 2008 - Ram Mukherji drops out of CUSD Trustee race ...

    But don't start doing research or worrying about getting facts straight when you're being so high and mighty to correct others.

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