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    December 29, 2009


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    Teachers - please don't start attacking parents. Believe me, the REAL parents of CUSD are behind you and know that the board is treating you all like dirt with demands rather than negotiations and nowhere near the amount of respect you deserve. Many of us have and will continue to support our schools though direct donations to the schools or to the foundations or PTA and theses donations really do make a difference. In fact, a HUGE issue to many of us (parents) is that the board is now attacking parents via the PTA without in inkling or admission to the amount of dollars and volunteer time that parents give and have given for years.

    We do understand your plight but you are playing into the Beall's hands by making demands or heaven forbid deciding to strike. That is exactly what they want. Please, please continue to take the high road as you have done for years and continue to work with the students and provide the EXCELLENT and very high level of education you do. Those extra hours and efforts do not go unnoticed to the parents. Problem is that the general public (i.e. those without kids in CUSD) have no clue and if all they hear is from our board with their anti teacher, anti administration and anti employee position, that is what they will believe. Again, thank you for your fine efforts. Please help us all get this district back to educating kids and not playing politics.

    Palazzo and Brick don't deserve any special treatment or breaks. They won't stand up for what is right, they voted yes to waste precious class-room dollars on a lawsuit against "ourselves", and they do what the rest of the board wants. 7-0! They are just as bad as the other 5. They all need to go.

    Welcome 2010...the year of reckoning.

    Throughout the recent turmoil teachers were silent in CUSD until their salary increases were jeopardized. That is all this about and the voting public knows it. All you have to do is read this website. It is full of thinly veiled threats and lacking any material solutions.

    Do what you like with elections, CUEA, voters won't fall for it.

    I like the idea of taxing public employee benefit plans though. How can we make that happen?

    Until our salary increases were jeopardized?? "Tired"...where have you been. EVERY year that I've worked for this district (19) I have either had to fight for a measly 2 percent raise, or accept the fact that I just wasn't getting one, and wasn't it nice that it stayed the same. EVERY year we have negotiations that last through most of the school year, and sometimes aren't settled until May or later. You are wrong and completely clueless if you think this is the first time teachers have gotten the shaft with their salaries and tried to do something about it. The difference between then and now is that THEN we had a superintendent who supported the teachers (like them or not- which I didn't), and a board who negotiated in good faith with the union until they came to an agreement. It wasn't ever....Oh, let's give the teachers a 10% raise.
    Give me a break- don't spout out lies thinking people will buy it. You are completely clueless. There is no "RAISE" in jeopardy, and every teacher in CUSD knows it, and understands. Get real.
    CUSD Parent- thank you for your continued support through PTA and your time. We couldn't do what we do without the help of the amazing parents who get involved with their children's education. You know what really goes on, and we appreciate you.

    Thanks "Raise" - so let's ALL get out there and educate the "voting public". As you see by "tireds" post that is what this is all about. They figure the "voting public" will listen to whatever the Bealls spout, especially if it is anti-union which seems to be the thing to do these days. We all need to get the word out to the young, the elderly, Republicans and Democrats, all religions and all ethnicities. So keep communicating while the board and their handlers try to delay actions on anything they can until it is too late to do anything but slash salaries.


    It took seven years to get them out of Vista. The damage is still being felt over there. We do not have seven years to do that. Parents and teachers did it.

    What the board and its backers are doing is no different that what is being done in Chicago, Louisiana, or New Jersey which are known to be the most politically corrupt places in this country. Teach your kids about what is right and what is wrong and how to protect our democracy by getting rid of this crooked gang.

    OK, I will also teach my kids to not throw away theirOK, I will also teach my kids to not throw away their hard won right to vote. Also, once they do vote to make sure to keep their candidates accountable and not wait for an expensive non-productive recall or the next guy to “fix” it for them. I have always been a vocal and active parent and my kids realize this. I have a hard time with you blaming the GOP when it was 16% of the vote that got these guys in...Yes, it was retirement absentee GOP voters, but where were the rest of the voting population, especially those that have children, or friends and neighbors that have children in CUSD...why didn’t they vote? You and I voted (we probably cancelled each other out) what I get mad and preach to my kids....why didn’t the other 84% vote? With mail in absentee ballot made so easily these days, no one has any excuses! Vista took seven years, but now we have a predecessor of what worked so we can use what worked and bypass the failures and cut that down to half. ABC has been in 3 ½ years so that is half! I have had hope several times, but I am a half full glass person...this next board meeting will do it for me. I believe in some of the things the board needs to get done, but I totally disagree in the road they are taking in getting there. With the new year and hopefully the fact finding done, I want to see all the cards dealt in the next hand. If it is as you have predicted, this Republican will be the first to cry foul, and tell all the others in the pack and ask why they are defending these causes and trustees and ask why I should continue to support them in an election year.

    I'm a republican too and I hear what you are saying and I agree. We need to stand together and let this board know what we think. Yes, budget cuts need to be made but everything this board does scares me. They are not honest, they are not transparent and if they are fiscally responsible, then I'm the POPE!

    Have you seen this propaganda?

    Unbelievable what these people will say. Please read it and warn you friends that it is PARENTS requesting this vote and not the UNION.

    Insider –

    You, and others, continually site the 88% paid out in teacher salaries and benefits as if that figure is substantially different from the norm in the California public school system. The following link is to an article posted on the state’s ed-data website. It explains teacher salaries and what affects them.

    “Although there is some variation, expenditures on salaries and benefits for all employees typically make up 80 to 85% of a district’s budget, with the bulk of it going to teachers… These averages reflect considerable differences across the state, as districts vary in size, the degree of urbanization, and geographic region.”

    (please note that the ed-data figures are from 2007-2008 – but corresponding per-student information remains relative to current populations and finances – i.e. if we took a decrease in funding each other district would have had a hit in funding as well)

    Our district gets much less in Title I funding and other state/federal funding than many of our neighboring districts, or statewide for that matter. In FACT, according to the ed-data website, our district receives $7,954 per student annually which is the LOWEST in Orange County and 11% less than the average of $8,984. If we receive 11% less in funding, it would make sense, to keep salaries competitive, we would end up paying a higher percent of our overall budget towards salaries and benefits. Lets do so more math…which I learned from a great public school district.

    Using the state’s numbers, if the average school district in Orange County spent only 80% (the low end of the given averages) on teacher salaries and benefits they would payout $7187.20 per student to their employees. Using your figures of 88% for our district, we would pay out only $6999.52 per student to our employees. So, although it seems with your numbers that we are paying our teachers 8% more than the VERY CONSERVATIVE averages, they are actually receiving 2.6% less per student (and up to 8.9% less - $7636 on the 85% side)

    What irks some of us fiscally conservative REPUBLICANS such as myself, besides the obvious lefty digs at the GOP from some of the posters, (calm down folks some of us see a district that works well with both parties and really should not have such a focus on politics at all) is the stuff that you and others in your camp (and I mean the Recall group) are putting up assuming nobody is going to do the research.

    And as far and continually comparing OUR wonderful public school district to private industry… get over it. The district does not show a profit EVER so compare apples to apples. And I do agree with vouchers – if my kids attended PS 145 in the Bronx, but they don’t so keep all of OUR taxes where they belong… (in case that is where you were going in the future – or perhaps that is where this board is going now?)

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