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    December 29, 2009


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    Well stated. We need to talk to our neighbors, co-workers, and friends. The larger the voting turn-out, the better our representation will be.

    And for "insider" or any of those other Board supporters: Don't try to link Children First with the teacher's union. There is no link except that both organizations support CUSD public education. Your attempts to tie teacher's negotiations with CUCF ( Children First ) and their efforts to replace these corrupt trustees with more honest and responsible Trustees is not fair. There isn't a connection so quit trying to create one.

    Not to mention, we only have to convince 4 out of the 7 that some of the outside advice they are getting is not to the best interest of CUSD or for themselves. I still have hope in Palazzo, Brick, Christiansen and even Bryson since she has higher political aspirations. My guess is Christiansen has short-timer fever and will not be running again...so he could go either way...Brick has two daughters who are teachers- one is at Moulton. Palazzo was a teacher way back when, and does have good in heart way down deep-

    I was just thinking how nice it would be if we had a superintendent as charismatic and influential as Rick Warren. ($2.4 million raised in a weekend.) Or political benefactors as grateful as Donna Ford Attallah ($4.5 million out of gratitude for her education.) Or a proactive district that would negotiate data-based evaluations to gain federal funds for next year rather than focusing on pay cuts in a year with a balanced budget. (Wouldn't parents prefer that anyway?)


    How come Brick and Palazzo are still supporting the rest of this Board. They both know what is going on. I do not cut them any slack. They are guilty by association.
    BTW, there are no conspiracy theories. Go back and see what the playbook is (outside money, Education Alliance, GOP, Ahmanson). This playbook will be used again and then we will wonder what has happened. Wishful thinking buys you nothing. This board has to go and has to be replaced by local people who are not linked to the Education Alliance or the radical right wing Central Committee of the GOP. I am really tired of these ideological nuts. On the more practical note-think about your property values and your kids education.These people must go.

    Me is correct in not cutting any slack for Brick and Palazzo. They have had plenty of time to learn about the goals of the reform board members. They have seen the public awaken to the motivations of this board and attempt to reason with the board at public meetings. They have heard the student board member stand up for what is right for the students and the district. The student board member is brighter and braver than any of the other board members. If he can see what is going on surely Brick an Palazzo should be able to do the same. They all need to be replaced. While it can't be done in one fell swoop, we can start educating our friends, relatives and neighbors now.

    We also must not alienate the grass roots groups who have been infiltrated by the Bealls, etc. They have only been told one side and believe the garbage from the Bealls regarding the big, bad teachers' union is behind all the strife in CUSD and that the CTA is perched to take over CUSD. We know the truth and we must be the truth-tellers to those who are not informed about CUSD politics. We must do what the Bealls do and that is talk to and be involved with groups who know nothing about CUSD but are very active politically and always vote.

    Well stated public school supporter!

    Sick & Tired, Happy New Year, and whoever else posted about teachers needing to bear the entire responsibility for this mess we are in. So let me get this straight: a teacher who makes $60,000 a year should take a PERMANENT cut of $6,000 per year, PLUS the other cuts the board is talking about, including furlough days, changes to health benefits, etc., but the people who have children in the district and may make much, much more than that per year, don't need to contribute? This doesn't even factor in the thousands of dollars teachers already spend on their classroom for supplies that have been cut and are needed. I have receipts for last year that are in excess of $1,500. And that is my cheapest year yet!

    As far as this pension that you are referring to, teachers pay into that every month. We do not qualify for social security, so this pension is it. It isn't like you just teach a few years, contribute nothing, and retire with a fully funded pension. These retirees are teachers who have contributed to the mandatory CALSTRS retirement pension, and in most cases, contributed more of their salary to a supplemental retirement plan.

    Teachers are a responsible, resourceful bunch who work HARD for what they EARN, and are not handed anything for free. Please refrain from saying things that imply that there is anything easy about being a teacher - it is the hardest, yet most rewarding and most important job on Earth.

    And, honestly, anyone expecting that teachers will maintain the same level of service for less pay has never taken a psychology course. Some will, and a basic level of personal pride will be sustained, but there are teachers going way above and beyond and this "blame game" the board is playing is going to kill that. I have personally attended Eagle scout ceremonies, community theater performances and church services with students at their request. I have counseled students before school and after school about personal matters and written recommendations for them for all kinds of service organizations and scholarship opportunities. I have welcomed parents emails and responded at all hours of the day or night. But if this district takes $6,000 or more away from my family, right as my mortgage is adjusting, my first child is headed for college and my husband's hours are being cut, without first asking that of parents -- that will all end. Just the basics to get the test scores. Nothing more.

    IT is not wishful thinking-how did Orange, Westminister and Vista get out of it...they were all GOP dominated yet Ed Alliance lost their grip...get a grip and see how they did it, mostly by disappointing their own kind...

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