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    December 15, 2009


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    How convenient that their supported managed to have their blue cards pulled.

    Hasn't this insanity gone on long enough? How much longer can the blatant bias in favor of the Bealls and the EA continue? Alexander has no children in CUSD. The Bealls successfully sued the district for several thousands of dollars. This nightmare has got to stop. Bryson touts the HOURS that this board puts in. What about the YEARS and DECADES of service that have been provided by the teachers whose livelihoods are at stake? Please tell me that the public is no longer duped and this madness will soon end.

    I vote for a RECALL...this is just pure insanity and needs to stop. A recall has been done before, so why not do it again now? With all the people against the board I imagine the funds could be raised. No?

    Jennifer - here is a hot tip: take all the thousands and thousands of dollars the district gave you for a settlement for having your name on a "list" (Although there was no harm to you or your kids) and get a trainer. Some etiquette lessons would be helpful too.

    Tony - you are a slimy, despicable attorney. And the best you can drum up for support is another despicable attorney, Craig Alexander.

    PS: did you all notice how Ken Maddox had the expression of a gassy baby on his face all night? You know, that pained, uncomfortable smile.

    Weren't the "years and decades" of service called a "job" and they got paid plus a pension? I recall getting paid when I taught at CUSD. 10% pay cut would be better than being part of the 10% unemployed...

    After witnessing an all time low at Tuesday's board meeting, my HEART is heavy.
    There were many blue cards filled out by citizens wishing to speak. Of course the board had to select the CUEA president and PTSA/PTA representatives...but what about all the others requesting to speak?
    Instead the board chose only their cronies for the rest of the speakers so they could stay deaf, dumb and blinded by praise to perpetuate the insanity they have created.
    Truly proud of the united front of the CUSD teachers. They will do what needs to be done to regain the district, their salaries and CUSD reputation.

    Let's be fair now,

    Trustees get paid stipends for their hours of work.
    They get full health benefits.
    They get meals at every meeting.

    It is a part-time job for trustees.

    Any truth to the rumor that the trustees increased their stipend?

    Salary comparison

    Capistrano pays teachers an average of $75,390, 7th of O.C.’s 12 unified districts, some $10,000 more than state and county averages.

    Lowest-offered salary: $48,899; 3 of 12. State ave.: $40,073

    B.A. plus 60 credits (mid-career): $73,476; 6 of 12. State ave.: $62,499

    Highest-offered: $97,031; 3 of 12. State ave.: $80,672

    Ave. experience: 13.3 years; 7 of 12. State ave.: 12.7

    Source: Nonprofit Ed-Data, relying on state data; 2007-08 unified district figures.

    At the board meeting tonight, I took issue with the fact that Mr. Beall indicated that teachers and CUEA had never spoke up in the past when attorney firms were paid for with public money. Mr. Beall, were those funds in the past used to deliberately manipulate the election process? Were they used to fire superintendents that did not agree to sit in the pocket of the Board? Were those funds used to line the pockets of certain board members cronies? I think not. As a parent of a student who will be attending CUSD, and as a former CUSD student myself, I am truly disappointed in the lies you put forth tonight. I hope you can sleep well knowing that you are putting our children's education at stake for political/ideological gain. I refuse to let this Board allow what was one of the top school districts in California slip into the abyss. You will get a fight from me and countless other parents, alumni, teachers, and other community folk.

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