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    January 25, 2010


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    I like Local Control's idea!

    Local control now and Sam - I like your posts! Carter is a gentleman and a stand up guy. I'm sure he would consider LCN's idear if we had a new board.

    I don't like that he has to sue the district, however, I believe he deserves the money far more than the Bealls, Russell's, Winstens, etc...did. The Trustees attacked his reputation and values.

    He is a great leader!

    Shelly, thank you for your post. I agree that we desperately need leadership that is invested in the district. Unfortunately, all of the qualified, competent and capable administrators who had decades of "blood, toil, tears and sweat" in the CUSD have been run out of the district or demoted. We'd be much better off if the likes of Carolyn Williams, Sherine Smith, Eammon O'Donavan and Suzette Lovely (to name a few) were still in the picture. Carter worked well with (and respected) these individuals for their expertise as educators and loyalty to CUSD.

    What superintendent in their right mind would want to work for this district? Dennis Smith was smart when he fled. Carter brought us hope for unity. In my perfect world, Carter is still at the helm, a fair contract has been negotiated, and I go about my life doing the job that I love free of all the politics and teacher bashing comments.

    Shame on you people. Are you listening to yourselves? What great things did he do? Because he did nothing "bad" doesn't mean he added much in return. No one deserves to sue a school district for 5.5 million. Give the money back to district afterwards? Are you serious? He took a raise in the middle of a RIF when he said it wouldn't. Wow, you people have short memories? He is no better than the Bealls to sue this war torn district. If he cared at all about it, he would walk away gracefully and find another job somewhere else. I don't think money is an issue for him with his many pensions and payment for non-work over this past year. Move on with it people. I will not respect anyone who sues this district and takes money from my kids' education regardless of the cause or statement. Think about what you are saying, GEEEZ.

    Get real,

    You're wrong. NO ONE is as bad as the Bealls. They are the most evil, vile, despicable humans that I've ever come in contact with. Ever!

    To the second commenter, "SAD": This district doesn't have factions. It has been afflicted by a group of angry people, mostly gathered into the group now calling itself "the Committee to Reform CUSD." Reform CUSD has used the flag of "reform" & the support of the Republican party to advance their own personal agendas, that reflect neither positive reform nor true conservative values. Maybe you weren't there, but the dismissal of Carter was a calculated act, performed only a few weeks after the trustees took office. Most of the community came to the meeting to give their support (but for a handful of incoherent, inconsistent & factually doubtful statements by certain "Reform CUSD" individuals). There is no way that the trustees could have had time to see that he was an inadequate superintendent & the only reason to do it was to seize an inappropriate amount of power in order to enact their own agenda. What they did to him was vindictive & wrong.
    The trustees, backed by the Education Alliance & "Reform CUSD", have been guilty of almost unbelievable corruption. It's hard to see that this is not the kind of political posturing we witness in national politics. Public education is a general effort by qualified, trained educators & administrators to provide a quality education. So agree with you, politics shouldn't be played out at the expense of the students. But these trustees & their supporters seem determined to remove all qualified, hard-working employees from the district, or else to so reduce their salaries that they cannot afford to continue to work there, driving all but the youngest, inexperienced teachers & administrators out. Educators & administrators get better with experience. Education doesn't work without educators, & educators have to be well educated themselves--both in their subject & in the craft of teaching--& such education costs money, & deserves pay.
    This turmoil is a result of an attack on public education itself, with the Board of Trustees at the head. If you think this is about factions, you don't understand the severity of the situation.
    But agree that Carter should not be suing the district. Certain prominent members of the "Reform CUSD" group--including the Bealls, Russells and Reardons--sued the district for hundreds of thousands of dollars over the "enemies list" referenced in the article above, & the Board of Trustees agreed to pay it almost without question, only a few months after taking office (keeping in mind that many of these Trustees had received financial support from "Reform CUSD," or else were former members of the same, & I don't think Fleming has been convicted of anything at all yet). If they wanted reform, & if they wanted to help the students (like their website claims), why would they take so much money from the district after their trustees were elected?
    Sooner or later, these trustees are going to be charged with corruption, & many of these "Reform CUSD" members, such as the Bealls, will likely be charged with defamation (because I personally suspect that many of their statements are deliberate lies). Why couldn't Carter just try to sue the attackers--the Trustees themselves or "Reform CUSD", rather than the district? I mean, isn't the district as a whole as much a victim of these people as he is?
    I support Carter because I know he was a well-qualified & dedicated superintendent, & by rights the job should still be his. I think he should give up suing, & instead try to help his students & his fellow victims of "Reform CUSD" & the current board of trustees.

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