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    January 25, 2010


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    I support Teachers.

    Lebbs is spelled incorrectly. It is spelled Ron "Lebs".

    What cruel, deceitful trickery next?

    See, being a spelling geek does pay off!

    Please keep in mind that there are two related, but different issues being debated. Tonight's activity was in support of settling on a fairly negotiated contract for teachers. The school board has not been willing to negotiate in good faith with teachers.

    Saturday's rally was made up of parents, community members, and teacher wanting to put an end to wasteful spending of district money, to recall inept trustees, and to vote for trustees by local area.

    Mark my words, if this board does not offer teachers a fair contract soon, every teacher in the district will be circulating recall petitions. These teachers have had it and they are tired of the propaganda that Mahler is spinning. If this board imposes a cut, the union will put its weight behind the recall. And if this drags out much longer, the teachers will enlist in the recall with or without the union's blessing.

    I tend to like Ron Lebs and think he is probably a pretty good guy. However, when Ron could not tell the parents at SCHS what percentage of the total district budget teacher's salaries represented, I was very disappointed, especially when two days later, the District's PR firm, in an effort to present "Just the Facts," was able to assert that 85% of the district budget was total district payroll for all employees and teachers represent 71.2% of the district's total payroll. I'm math challenged, and even I know that means teachers are 60% of the total district budget. How is that too high? How is that offensive? How could the district’s budget expert plead ignorant in Bobbi’s “State of the District Address, 2.0”?
    Bobbi, if your goal, as you claim, is to present "Just the Facts," why don't you present them instead of propagandizing them, and why don't you let your staff speak freely about matters they darn well better know- very well. I know some of the parents will be deceived by your propaganda, but, ultimately, I also believe in these parents to see through this board's anti-teacher, anti-public education agenda. Ultimately, parents and teachers are the protectors of public education. Your attempts to poison that relationship will be seen for what it is and rejected.
    Shame on you.

    Well said Sam.

    Posting anonymously is one thing. Posting, feigning to be a real person, is unacceptable. The possibilities become endless. A little integrity, please?

    Ron Lebs is a milquetoast, backstabbing bean counter who will do or say anything to keep his job. He has no familiarity or expertise as an educator and he is clearly not honest and forthcoming. Someone in his position should be able to easily answer the questions that have been put forth.


    Very well put, especially the part where you said that parents will see through this board's anti-teacher, anti-public education agenda. It is OUR job as parents, teachers, administrators, and yes, even students, to make sure that the public is aware of this. It is not enough for us to just say it and then cross our fingers and hope for the best. Moreover, we must present our argument in a fact-based and respectful manner. We don't need to resort to much of what I have seen on this blog where people's grammar, spelling, and syntax are attacked. Ideas are what we are after. If one is against charter schools, then we should do the research, find the articles and studies from reputable sources and post them here (trust me, there is plenty of information out there dispelling the myth about how 'great' charter schools, private schools, and vouchers are). I think the facts are overwhelmingly in favor of public education and I think CUSD's history, despite all of the turmoil at the top for many years, speaks for itself.

    Black Days:
    Agreed. I will endeavor to stick to supportable facts. That's why I used a calculator. The beauty and beast of blogs, however, is the immediacy of the medium. Unlike the board, when publishing "Just the Facts," which should be supportable, we just type and print. Support is always better.

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