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    January 05, 2010


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    WOW!! Excellent post and completely accurate and spot on information!

    We need to remove these imposters from their positions. By RECALL, Election or through their resignations! They lied to get into office, they are lying now that they are in office and their supporters are lying to keep them in office. This is government and "representation" at its most rotten example.

    CUSD parents and voters please get involved! We can't afford to let these people have one more day in office. Donate your time, donate your money, donate your energy and passion. Don't hesitate! Please act now.

    There is a Paypal link on the capounifiedchildrenfirst.org site and $99 or less in one year keeps your name anonymous.

    Jonathon and others....be careful not to use question marks when you post (?)! Soon to be ex-Trustee Bryson has instructed us all not to question the Board of Trustees. We wouldn't want to land on someone's "enemies list". Perhaps Trustees Alexander, Beall or Beall might figure out who has the nerve to question their puppets! Remember we are no longer living in the US once you are in front of these trustees. Bryson and her cronies think this is China or Iran and they want to muzzle dissent. Act up, Act out, disrupt, remove and discard.

    The education of our children is too vital to be left to these totally incompetent and dysfunctional political hacks.

    This is an excellent post but hard to read since the font color disappears into the background and makes it difficult to read - this should be widely disseminated to parents in the district!

    Yes, hacks who have refused to attend state sponsored and paid for training. The state offers training for new judges, board members, etc., to help local and state governments run properly and efficiently. These hacks have declined this training. They appear to believe that they know it all. Clearly, they don't.

    An excellent post. We teachers are willing to help out, but we won't be bullied and demonized. we aren't willing to take retroactive and permanent pay cuts, especially when the board is paying tens of thousands (and, that's being conservative) on high priced lawyers to fight the public who they are supposedly accountable to. They claimed to be fiscal conservatives, and many teachers actually voted for them on that basis. The board's actions have been anything but fiscally conservative, let alone fiscally responsible.

    I just listened to the audio of the last board meeting. By not having the speakers speak in order that the blue cards were turned in it seems to me that the board or someone is deliberately trying to mislead the public. If you were at the meeting it was clear that the audience was overwhelmingly for waivers and teachers and certainly not the board's current fans. On the audio the initial speakers after the first break make it appear that there were many in the room that were supporting the board and this clearly was not the case. There were about 15 people. This seems like a PR move by the board and a very political move. What about listening to their constituents especially since Pres. Bryson kept saying how important it was to hear the speakers. I find this very curious and have written the board and the superintendent asking them how they chose their speakers. I have yet to recieve an answer, but I do think the answer should be made public. I find it very unfair that speakers are selected and filtered and not called in order.

    Also, I found it very unbelievable and entertaining listening to Tony Bealle commend the board for rooting out nepotism after he just received a monetary settlement from CUSD from a board that he gave money to and helped elect and after he was he was one of the initial speakers CHOSEN to speak. No nepotism in CUSD? Huh?

    Well said and accurate!

    Wow, sign that person up. This is the type of information that needs to get to every house in the CUSD area. How do we do that?

    Could we please stop referring to these people as "trustees"? There is nothing trustworthy about how they conduct themselves or any of the responsibilities that have been "entrusted" to them. Trust implies ethical, upstanding moral conduct. These 7 individuals have not displayed any behavior that falls within those parameters.

    You can start by sending emails with links to this blog, the Children First website and any other info you have to everyone in your address book so that they too can see what is going on.
    There is nothing like attending a board meeting to see what it's all about but let's face it, 200,000 people can't and won't so the info has to be sent to them.
    Another great way is to hold a "informational coffee meeting" at your home for all your friends and neighbors. There are representatives from Children First who will come and do the speaking for you and that is another great way to spread the word. We all need to do our part. Please don't sit back and rely on others. We are fighting for our rights and we can't do it alone.


    Even the OC Register articles and comments are starting to sound more neutral. Not the usual hate mongering of us against them attitude, it reads like people are looking for answers and questioning the methodology. I find it ironic that even though the article was not supposed to be strictly a CUSD article, the comments are only CUSD- there are some new bloggers also it appears. I haven't seen the article in print yet. Nor have I seen the article about the teachers striking in print yet.... http://www.ocregister.com/news/district-226861-teachers-strike.html

    Use the OCRegister.com to promote CUCF. They manipulate public opinion and the recall supporters are all over their articles, commenting. Shut them down with the truth. Here's the article on the horizon: http://www.ocregister.com/news/district-226861-teachers-strike.html

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