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    January 26, 2010


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    Maybe larkin's scarecrow can defend them, he might want to take off the hood..

    Based on my reading of this letter, Frank Larkin has the most to fear (and he risks losing much more than just the other side's legal fees). If it's true that he gave the Registrar a proof of personal service form that he signed under penalty of perjury claiming that he personally handed the recall petitions to the trustees, then Larkin is also facing criminal liability for perjury.

    Why are they attempting to sue the recall people? Are they afraid that they will lose? I thought they were confident that they'd "win by a landslide" again. What a bunch of cry babies!! They have to run to a lawyer friend to draft a letter? And how much is this costing me?

    And when can I sign that recall? Let's get these two fools out of office quickly. They're wasting my money.

    Can this be for real!

    They are desperate and I am encouraging those who signed the original petition to not back down. Does anyone need another reason for supporting the recall after witnessing this weak attempt to shut down the public's right to recall? They must be very afraid!

    I was at the last Board meeting and I saw Larkin try to serve these to Lo-Mad and Winsten. They directed him to give the papers to their security agent. They then responded in the Register and then to the petitiners and the Registrar of Voters! Why would they respond if they hadn't been "served"? What cowards and what poor excuses for public servants.

    Please join the recall everyone. These guys have to go!

    Seriously!?!? Another lawsuit? Now they deserve more than ever to be recalled for their stupidity!

    Larkin facing ...

    total bs. He served them, we witnessed it, and it is on tape.

    When winsten's group served recall papers to Stiff they left the letter at his door for him to find later. They were served in front of hundreds of people. I just called an attorney friend and he laughed when I showed him what these idiots said in reference to serving.

    They are soooooooo on thin ice with this that I hope everyone is completely enraged and ready to run them both out of town

    DON'T BACK DOWN...I couldn't agree more with the statement from "Winsten and Maddox are Cowards". How about suing THEM?!!!! There must be a whole list of inappropriate things they have done in office thus far? No?

    Either way, it's all so disgusting. They are trying to bully everyone! The community needs to continue to take a stand for public education and take back control of CUSD.


    I'd love to give these two a piece of my mind at the next board meeting but I am afraid they might slap me with a lawsuit.

    What a complete joke! This seals their fate. Your days are numbered Lo-Mad and Winsten. Adios.

    Thank you LoMad & Winstoned. As usual of your ilk, you bully, and shout, and threaten and sue, just like the people who got you elected. I have never voted for a democrat in my life and I am now ashamed to be a republican. Stand up and fight on your principals and your values and your record. Are you kidding me? Who is ultimately funding this travesty? You should be embarrassed. Pathetic.


    all these guys know is bullying and intimidation

    what country do I live in again?

    Seriously guys, stand up and fight like real men!

    I think this move will just pull people together even faster to take them out

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