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    January 22, 2010


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    Total Garbage!

    Mr. Winsten must think voters are idiots:

    1) This recall wasn't started by the unions and they are not involved in its implementation. He knows this statement isn't true and he is deliberately lying.

    2) He Voted TWICE to award out of court settlements to the Bealls, Riodans and others. Insurance deductibles paid for some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to these families and the rest of the money came out of the general fund. He is deliberately lying. Even Bryson defended her decision that occurred with Winsten and Maddox by saying on tape that the insurance companies paid the money and "it was only $100,000 to each family that came out of the general fund"! Mr. Winsten and Maddox state, "not one dime"....lying. Three of the other trustees chose not to vote because they knew it was a stupid decision and ethically and morally wrong

    3) He claims credit for higher test scores and states that he supports principals, teachers and parents?! Few of them support you Mr. Winsten. Remember your comment when asked about your constituents? "What about them" was your response.

    If this is the best you can do to defend yourself against the recall you might as well resign now. Weak responses full of distortions and lies. Join the recall!

    Halleluiah and Wonder! My eyes have been opened! The truth has been delivered by Saints Winsten and Maddox!!

    Until their brilliant defense of why they shouldn’t be recalled I didn’t know they were so loved by the parents, teachers and voters? Our student’s improving test scores are because of them! Whoohoo! Buildings and facilities have improved and budgets are balanced! Those hundreds of thousands of dollars they transferred from the CUSD general fund to their friends and political donors was the union’s and Fleming’s fault! Their votes cast to approve those transactions were innocent! Wow, even those out of control attorney fees are the fault of the unions! Wow again!

    The earth is flat, pigs fly and hell has frozen over.

    Give us a break you two…….

    Wow, how much can the Maddox and the Winston message sound alike?

    Almost like someone else (the PR firm maybe?) wrote them for our esteemed directors.

    Sad, more spin, more politics as usual.

    If a PR firm wrote those statements they need to be fired. But who cares? The statements are SO very bad they will probably HELP the recall. Let the fun begin!

    Winsten says he refused to increase taxes. HA. Nobody asked him to increase taxes. Also, very funny since he doesn't have taxing authority.

    Also, the union is not behind the recall nor have they joined the bandwagon. Can the recall leaders challenge this untruth and have it eliminated from his statement? I know that previous trustees who were subject of recalls had their statements challenged and were forced to make changes. As long as the union does not take a position, he will be forced to remove that part of his statement, but it needs to be formally challenged.

    Recall leaders: contact the Registrar of Voters to find out what you can do to challenge the misstatements in Kenny's and Mikey's statements.

    This says Mr. Winsten has 5 children in CUSB? Where is CUSB?

    Winsten didn't check his work before turning in his homework....maybe his kids go to Santa Barbara or San Bernardino?

    I love how he takes credit for the high test scores. Like he had anything to do with the years of hard work put in by teachers and administrators to get to this point. What a joke!

    Holy crap Batman!

    Someone please tell me what either Winsten or Maddox have taught my students in order for them to have some of the highest STAR test scores? Anyone? Anyone?

    And, what raise?!!!! In case either one needs reminding... teachers ARE NOT asking for a raise!

    Truly unbelievable!

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