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    February 09, 2010


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    Thanks Jonathon

    I am definitely going to this.

    Okay great now people get to see and hear more PBS political BS.


    We were all happy with our temporary employee that was at our school for seven months and when personnel had posted his position for permanant hire he applied and was denied qualification! He has been working the position with rave reviews for seven months!
    So personnel says you need two years of experience to qualify to apply for this position...turns out the job posting conveys you only need a year. Thanks for the help and clarification Personnel department.
    So he qualifies with current and past experience; the interviews were conducted with the applicants and the awarded position goes to THE BROTHER-IN-LAW of one of the INTERVIEW PANEL MEMBERS!
    What? Oh yes it's okay to have a relative on the interview panel and to award the position to the relative who is being hired. NOW THAT IS NOT NEPATISM...IT IS SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

    Who's in charge of both of those misguided groups?

    You shouldn't be too concerned if the practice of having relatives on the interview panel was innapropriate then you would have Rhonda Walen and Personnel staff both looking into this.
    You are just an unhappy employee. Too bad for who ever you wanted to get the job.

    what does this have to do with the chance to see the PRI movie?

    Sounds like someone crying out for help and no where to go to me. Not that it has anything to do with Jonathan's personal rant starting column.

    I think that we should all be concerned when a movie is made slamming public education and features CUSD. Even worse, when a reporter specializing in CUSD matters is kicked out of it.

    Now we all have a chance to see this movie for ourselves. Mike Winsten represents this district AND stars in this movie telling people how bad the school district he works for is! No wonder people want to recall him. (yes, before you ask, I have seen this entire movie and know what Winsten says and how poorly the movie portrays CUSD and how inaccurate it is)

    Just shows how dumb our trustees and their puppet masters are -- if they'd let Jonathan in the movie, none of this would be an issue.

    They made it an issue with their childishness and need to control everything.

    If you go to see this movie, keep in mind the following information as you watch it:

    * Sweden is having an educational crisis. Test scores have plummeted, and only a very small percentage of students go on to colleges or universities.

    * The Oakland charter school mentioned in the movie gets great test scores, but does it with no ELL or special education students.

    * CUSD has the highest test scores of any large district in California. The numbers mentioned in the movie regarding low percentages of Advanced/Proficient students does not apply to CUSD. And to be fair, the narrator merely talks about schools that are failing while showing photos of CUSD campuses, but never actually says CUSD schools are failing...because it would be a lie.


    We will be stopping the movie to discuss specific issues as they are brought up. The intention is to expose just how false this movie portrays CUSD. Can you come to the showing to help us with pointing out areas such as you mentioned?

    Come on Jonathan, where are "your thoughts?".

    You've made much of your own tiny experience. What are your thoughts about the movie? What are your thoughts about the announcement of the showing?

    Just what do you think about the statement, "This movie has been used by those in support of the current CUSD Board of Trustees to justify their current policy decisions..."?

    How about a little reporting, editorializing, or just plain journalism? The petite drama is unbecoming.

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