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    February 09, 2010


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    I'd like to see a rerun of "Welcome Back Carter," playing to a new school board.

    Are you kidding? Carter was a crook.

    Please enlighten us...how exactly was Carter a crook? Detailed information would be lovely.

    The quote from Jonathon:

    This was sent out today... Interim Superintendent Bobbi Mahler recently said keeping an interim for this long has been a good move by trustees, because she can make changes without fear of future career repercussions in CUSD ...

    Now what can she possibly mean by that? Would trustees actually retaliate against someone who made changes they did not all like? And try to ruin an employees career? Now we know why all those administrators left in July.

    She hasn't made any changes. She has accomplished exactly what she was supposed to. Nothing. At almost $1,000 a day?

    Didn't the Trustees gush and swoon over Mahler at last night's meeting?

    I guess this really expensive PR firm Mahler hired instructed the seven theives to brag about their accomplishments, compliment each other over anything they can make up that sounds good, and ignore the fact that Mahler's PR waste of money took supplies out of our kid's classrooms.

    I wasn't at last night's meeting. However, if the trustees are complimenting one another and boasting of accomplishments (what accomplishments?) then they are setting the ground to fight the recall and get themselves reelected.

    That is absolutely what they were doing. Maddox and Winsten took turns making the motions (guess they either like to see their name in the Minutes or want to say THEY made the decisions). Maddox said pretty much nothing besides that - perhaps he was told to keep his mouth shut? And to add to the entertainment Bryson almost got into a cat fight with Addonizio. She admonished Ellen for speaking when the presenter was not done when actually it was Anna that interrupted first. If looks could kill...

    As to dumb statements though there was one - Winsten talked about how a friend in LA had said that they had saved money by outsourcing landscaping and then added that the landscaping company hired back the people that were laid off with the change to do the work. I thought Ms Whalen was going to gag. Maybe if he had gone to CSBA training he would have known that was verboten.

    Come on OMG,
    Put your money where you mouth is. Where is your list of crooked deeds that Carter is guilty of? We are all patiently waiting....

    Real Parents of OC

    You are correct. Winsten needs school board training. State law prohibits school districts from "out sourcing" existing jobs. I believe that law was passed in 2004. Winsten should do his homework, but that would be too much to ask. You also cannot replace workers with volunteers. So if CUSD wanted to terminate all playground supervisors at the elementary schools and have parent volunteers sign up for those positions, it is prohibited. You can leave the children unsupervised, but you can't have volunteers replace the classified workers.

    Let's keep Winsten's remarks for the recall so we can show the public how little he knows of the education code governing a school district.

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