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    March 08, 2010


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    The City of Dana Point violated federal law - The Civic Center Act - based on what Jonathon has described. This is the same law that allows Bible clubs at schools.

    The movie, which has now achieved mystery flick status, may have wider appeal if left to one's imagination. Personally, watching the trustees live performances pretty much says it all.

    Chris, I think you need to have a private showing just for Jonathan. If anyone of us deserves to see this movie, it's Jonathan.

    Jonathan, if we don't say it enough, Thank you for all that you do.

    I recall that when you were asked to leave you were told you would be provided a copy of the movie when it was officially released. I could be incorrect, but I thought you wrote about it here on Beyond the Blackboard but really don't want to sift back that far to confirm.
    Here you claim you have still not seen the movie. I'm surprised you have not followed up with the lady that originally granted your invitation to only revoke it later to see that you got your copy. Even at a cost of $20 (business expense) I'm surprised you didn't just eventually buy a copy to actually critique the film, but then you would have one less thing to complain about.

    Why weren't we all invited to a board meeting to view the video?

    Maybe Jonathan didn't want to give that group $20 either even if it was a "usiness expense".

    Excuse me - I meant "business expense" of course. But to continue - with the treatment Jonathan received at that "showing" they should GIVE him a copy. And Jonathan could critique the film after viewing but to get the full impact, one has to SEE it to get the full impact of their message, their presentation of that message and to realize the folks on this film are the few that are up time and again supporting the board they worked so hard to get elected. Yes, I have seen it and I know what I am talking about. If PRI can take this to Washington DC shouldn't they be anxious to show it to the constituents they are so "worried" about?

    Why should "they" GIVE Jonathan a copy of the film? It was an invitation only event...and he was not invited.

    As I remember he was invited and then not allowed to attend but I will let Jonathan answer that part. Regardless, if this film was so important to show to the entire Board of Trustees (such that they could then not attend important events for the students in their district) and then to people in Washington DC WHY wouldn’t they want the families with children in the district to see it? Are they afraid of the reaction from the parents that really know the schools in the district? Sound very suspicious as to the real intent of the film.

    If I remember correctly, the St. Regis screening was open to the public.

    PRI announced the screening on their website and a few other places.

    ANYONE could simply email or call for a ticket. Of course, I'm sure there were limitations to attendance based upon the room capacity.

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