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    April 26, 2010


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    Stay strong teachers! A large group of parents and community members are behind you!!

    And an even larger group are not...

    Here is another viewpoint from John & Ken about the current mess:

    Dear No sympathy,

    Petty and sad you are. You do not understand the agenda behind the BOT. Many people are ignorant on the subject. You have no sympathy, maybe because you lack heart, but maybe because you choose to keep blinders on. I guess we will fight for the quality education, apparently that you need. As a once great teacher told me, do your homework.

    When I go to political rallies there's always opposition. If there is more opposition to the teachers than there is support, why was there ZERO opposition at the rallies this weekend? Why do I see so many people honking, waving and giving a thumbs up to the teachers on the picket lines and virtually no one showing opposition? Why are hundreds of people showing up to go out and get signatures for the recall? I'll believe you when I see the visible signs completely reversed - thousands at the Taj Mahal cheering for the board and 99% of drivers expressing dissatisfaction with the picketing teachers.

    My kids and I just got back from the Denny's on the corner of PCH in Dana Point. There were teachers there from at least RHDana. Judging from the number of "honks" they got, there is strong support out there. I even mentioned to the kids that we heard nothing negative. Stay strong teachers and thank you for what you do.

    Ah, you shoulda seen San Clemente!!! Three blocks long, people filled the sidewalk, chanted, carried signs and got support from traffic (pedestrian and street traffic.) There were parents, teachers, kids, dogs, and it was AMAZING! Folks, our school board has hijacked our good schools and is intent on taking our towns down in a kamikaze campaign to launch political careers for our trustees and their payee, Tony Beall. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN IN SAN CLEMENTE!

    No sympathy, just truth, why not just tell it like it is. Yes, there are two sides and I'm praying they settle so our children get back to school. Are you against that, No sympathy?

    My family has lived in San Clemente for over 70 years, I have never seen a protest of thousands more than a mile long and 5 deep that support the teachers, and get this, the majority were PARENTS!!!! I want peace with you so please take this not to attack or try to get you to pick a side but the truth. You're not correct and as a Pastor, I feel like a hostage and my captives are the BoT or they would have settled by now. Feel free to voice your opinion or agenda but please know there are ten times the amount of parents who support the teachers than not. As the parents wake up everyday, the resolve gets stronger as this BoT has an agenda to break the teachers spirit as I don't say Union as they are the Teachers! I hope you can just pray for a settlement for now. This is not a I beat you ending.

    Faith, Hope, and Love

    At the end of the day, the BOT is failing to keep the community and stakeholders satisfied. In that sense, they are failing.

    video created on 4/26/2010 in front of the District Office.


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