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    April 20, 2010


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    My heart is broken...I cannot believe it has come to this.

    Stand strong teachers we are behind you. This BOT is insane. Hpoefully it won't last long.

    Why strike on Thursday if you have intentions to meet with the board on the same day?

    make no bones about it.....a small number of misguided union leaders sat down tonight to set a strike date. Not 2200 teachers. Every teacher I spoke with today and tonight was hopeful both sides would sit down this week and work things out

    union leaders have been itching to strike

    Confused, I'm also confused.

    Was one day of talks (without a strike) to see what could possibly transpire - not an option?

    So that the board finally knows that the teachers aren't going to take the crap the board is pushing anymore

    CUEA/CUSD talks will take place the same day as the first day of the strike. The board must understand that their sham offers are not going to work. They need to know that teachers are serious and are tired of the bulls**t. Be honest, sit down, negotiate fairly...it is not that hard.

    87% of teachers gave the leaders of CUEA the right to determine whether a stike is necessary. It's called a mandate.

    You guys are shootin' yourselves in the foot! Do NOT let Soderberg take you down this path, PLEASE!

    You'll be viewed by the public at large as the bad guy - and there's far too many teachers of high integrity to take the rap.

    BREAK FREE! The union - in TIME - will not be there to protect you...

    We are not going to be backed into a corner and let your children's education go up to a bad board's bogus plan, HAH. You'll thank us someday. And teachers are patient.

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