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    April 20, 2010


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    I am a mom...can I be a substitue teacher FOR FREE on Thursday...I have lots of things I'd love to teach the kids~

    I am a mom...can I be a substitue teacher FOR FREE on Thursday...I have lots of things I'd love to teach the kids~

    Posted by: Beth Webb


    There has been no retroactive language mentioned except when the board was negotiating for retroactive 10% pay cut to last June (per the fact finding report). Retroactive is different then temporary. In June of 2011 the board and teachers can assess the economy and budget and negotiate again. None of us has a crystal ball and can tell the future. Even with the word temporary in a mou the district is still getting the cuts to the budget. You are getting cuts in the budget for the year you are budgeting for. If the money isn't there next year then once again the cuts may be necessary but for right now we cannot tell.

    Most importantly the reason that the board should allow temporary is because it is a compromise with the people who work with our children. Teachers are also part of our community. A collaborative cooperative solution is always better than a divisive alienating one. An MOU is a compromise to the divide that has fractured our community.

    My children attend 3 CUSD schools and the teachers' morale and motivation will greatly affect the quality of their education. I do not care who you are (mom, doctor, lawyer, grocery clerk, mechanic) if you do not feel valued and respected you may still do the job adequately but you may not be able to motivate yourself to do the job exceptionally. Don't we want our district to be the best it can be in this time of economic uncertainty. A negotiated MOU provides a pathway to peace and stability and teamwork and a balanced budget.

    Greg Powers,

    You are aware that teachers don't get paid for furlough days? Why would teachers want furlough days? That is just a part of the settlement the District and Board offered.

    Furlough days are being taken by all professions throughout the state of California. I am sure everyone would rather work than take a furlough day.

    I have trouble...

    Here is the issue....

    The concept of Furlough days came about as a way for the union to save face on the pay-rate and still allow the budget to be cut... it only serves the union interests and is not a benefit to any public agency...

    Presuming that the work load remains the same, the work either does not get done, or the work gets pushed out... (and we see this all the time at the DSA and OSHPD)...

    This only serves the union and it hurts the consumer (in this case the students and the parents). The students lose instructional time that will never be made up, and the parent either has to take the day off of work or get daycare... both are costly and I believe unnecessary.

    The union won't budge on the pay-rate issue because the theory of EVERY GAIN is permanent... and that is why the 'temporary' language is worth striking over.

    So, now that the union has decided to strike, I say screw it... Why give the union the benefit of days off at the expense of the parents and students?

    Put the instructional days back on the calendar and make the union take the commensurate pay cut (which is .64% per day of the cuts needed)

    So, if there are 2 instructional days reinstated, the union would take an additional 1.28% pay cut from the check, but would get paid the two days... Net impact to the budget = 0, net impact to the parents... BIG savings and comfort.

    Hope that helps.

    For the most part, my children who go to school in CUSD have had caring, competent teachers who work hard to deliver a quality education to all their students. I support the teachers' right to protest against what they feel are unfair labor practices. All I ask in return is that they respect my right as a parent to send my child to school during this trying time if I choose. However, today when trying to take my children to school this morning, picket lines did not allow us to enter the parking lot. I had to drop my children off at a sidewalk in front of the school where they had to walk through their picketing teachers. It made me as a parent feel uncomfortable with how this protest was going forward. I felt intimidated and bullied. I know you don't want parents or children to feel like that. Please just let us take our kids to school if we choose.

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